04 February 2022

Commemorating the Publication of the 200th Issue of the SUMITOMO ELECTRIC TECHNICAL REVIEW


The Japanese edition of the SUMITOMO ELECTRIC TECHNICAL REVIEW, a technical journal that presents the achievements of the Sumitomo Electric Group’s R&D activities, celebrated its 200th issue at the end of January this year (The English edition was first published in 1963, and its 94th issue will be published in April this year). I would like to express my sincere appreciation for your support and encouragement.

The very first issue of this journal was published in 1933. Among companies with a long history, there are probably only a few that have continued to compile their R&D efforts and achievements in the form of technical journals and publish them to the public since the prewar period to the present. As a manufacturer, we have to be cautious about disclosing information in order to ensure our competitive edge and confidentiality for our customers. Therefore, I am always faced with the dilemma about how to make our R&D activities better understood. Against this backdrop, this journal plays a vital role as an important communication medium in connecting our technical assets with customers seeking solutions and creating the next pillar of our business. At the same time, for our researchers and engineers, it is a great encouragement to be able to report to you their daily and diligent R&D efforts.

Since our foundation, we have been providing products and services based on technologies created through our R&D, aiming to seek not only short-term profits but also solutions to social issues that lie ahead. Eighty-eight years have passed since the first issue of the journal was published, and our aspiration to contribute to the development of industry by sharing our R&D achievements with society has not changed.

We will continue to introduce our R&D endeavors through the SUMITOMO ELECTRIC TECHNICAL REVIEW. I would like to ask for your continued support.

Unbroken for 88 years
Unbroken for 88 years
Unbroken for 88 years

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