Global Privacy Policy

Global Privacy Policy

1. About This Policy

Sumitomo Electric Group (“we”, “us” or “our”) have established this Global Privacy Policy (this “Policy”) for the purpose of properly processing the personal data and protecting the rights and interest of our stakeholders (collectively “you”).

This Policy explains how we process your personal data based on the laws related to processing your personal data. In accordance with applicable data protection laws and this Policy, we pledge to manage your personal data to be safe and appropriate by diligently pursuing the prevention of unauthorized use, disclosure, modification, etc. of personal data about you.

You may be subject to specific policies provided by our Group Companies (as defined below) and policies specific to certain products or services in conjunction with the Policy. These specific policies shall supersede this Policy to the extent that the clauses set forth in these policies contradict the clauses set forth in this Policy.

Particularly, if any laws of the following countries, regions or states are applicable, the following applicable policy shall also be applied in conjunction with the Policy.

JapanJapan Privacy Policy
European Economic Area (EEA) /UKEEA and UK Privacy Policy
CaliforniaAddendum for California Privacy Rights Act

Our website may contain links to and from third-party websites. These third-party websites, and any services that may be accessible through them, have their own privacy policies. We are not responsible for any third-party’s privacy practices. We encourage you to be aware of this when you leave our website and to read the privacy policies applicable to these third-party websites.

2. Personal Data Obtained by Us

Categories of personal data obtained by us are as follows:

•    Identity and Contact Data
Name, age, date of birth, gender, occupation, address, country of residence, and other information related to contact details, such as phone number, email address, and social media accounts;

•    Products and Services Data
Information related to products and services you have purchased (including products and services you intend to purchase) (including product serial number, details of product model, information regarding warranties, information regarding the status and use of products, location information, service history, and store of purchase);

•    Communications Data
Details regarding your opinions, requests, inquiries, survey responses and other information you provided;

•    Technical Data
Technical data including access data, Internet protocol (IP) address, your login data, browser type and version, time zone setting and location, browser plug-in types and versions, operating system and platform and other technology on the devices you use to access this website;

•    Usage Data
Information about how you use our website, products and services;

•    Marketing Data
Your preferences in receiving marketing from us or the third parties engaged by us and your communication preferences;

•    Application-related Information
Information relating to experience, education and right to work checks if you apply to work for us;

•    Information related to an individual that is obtained or derived in order to achieve the purposes of processing personal data set forth in Section 4, and

•    Information for which we provide a separate notice.

We will not obtain or use sensitive information that reveals your data concerning health, genetic data, data concerning sexual orientation, or the like, unless provided for in laws and ordinances or you consent to us doing so.

You may be required to provide us with certain data because the provision of personal data is required by statute or contract or for other reasons. In this case, if you do not provide your personal data, we may not be able to provide you with our service.

3. How We Collect Your Personal Data

We may obtain the personal data described above both directly from you, through third parties, such as contractors, business partners, and social media providers (including Facebook and Google), and through products and services provided by us.

More specifically, we collect and process the following personal data about you from each of these sources:

1.    Information you give us
This includes information about you that you give us through inquiry forms on our website, or by communicating with us, whether by e-mail, letter or otherwise.

2.    Information third parties give us
This includes information about you that third parties give us through inquiry forms on our website, or by communicating with us, whether by e-mail, letter or otherwise.

3.    Information we collect automatically from you
When you visit our website, the website automatically collects certain types of data related to you. These types of data include access logs, web beacons (also known as pixels), cookies, etc. These types of data may remain in your computer and continue to collect data.

4. Purpose of Processing Personal Data

The personal data collected by us is processed only by authorized personnel for specific tasks within the following purposes and the scope of applicable laws and regulations.

1.     Personal data of customers, suppliers, contractors, business partners or website users (collectively “Business Partners”)

•    Promotion of our products and services including provision of related information (such as catalog delivery)
•    Sales/supply of our products and services, and customer support
•    Development of our products and services
•    Delivery of direct marketing to prospective and current Business Partners regarding products, offers, promotions, rewards, events, and services offered
•    Verification of eligibility and delivery of prizes, in connection with conducting promotions for Business Partners
•    Analysis of the browsing history of Business Partners that they have provided to us through our website and social media, and other information of such Business Partners, thereby providing them with information on products that meet their preferences and tastes
•    Analysis of the number of accesses made to the landing page as set up through our advertisements, thereby striving to improve the content of the advertisements and advertisement placements
•    Fulfillment of any other business or commercial purposes at the direction of Business Partners, or with notification and/or consent thereof
•    Performance of contracts with Business Partners
•    Engagement in business negotiations, meetings, or other forms of communication with Business Partners (including audio recording and videotaping of the content of such meetings, etc.)
•    Response to comments, questions, and requests from Business Partners, provision of after support service, and otherwise performance of services requested by Business Partners
•    Conduct of questionnaire surveys of Business Partners and analysis of the results thereof

2.    Personal data of shareholders

•    Exercise of rights and performance of obligations under applicable laws or regulations stipulated thereof
•    Provision of services
•    Implementation of various measures for shareholders
•    Management of shareholder information based on laws and regulations, including creation of databases

3.    Personal data of employment applicants

•    Provision of employment information to applicants and communication with them about selection procedures, either directly or through their universities or employment agencies
•    Consideration of whether or not to hire the applicants
•    Management of applicants who have been offered employment, and to perform other procedures related to applicants for employment

4.    Common purposes of use for all personal data

•    Prevention of and response to fraud, violation of relevant policies and rules, threats, and damage
•    Operation, management, and improvement of our website, social media accounts, applications, marketing activities, products, and services
•    Analysis of data on access to our website and its contents and the access speed thereto, thereby striving to improve our website and its contents and to enhance our systems and servers
•    Any other purposes individually notified or publicly announced to the extent that it is required by applicable laws and regulations

5. Legal Basis

We will process your personal data in accordance with the legal basis required by applicable laws and regulations. The legal basis to process your personal data may change subject to the applicable laws and regulations of the respective jurisdictions.

6. Disclosure of Personal Data to Recipients

We will not sell, rent or lease your personal data. We may disclose your personal data to the recipients described as follows or described in the specific policies to the extent necessary to pursue the purposes of processing personal data set forth in Section 4 and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

1.    Group Companies
Affiliates and related entities of Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. listed in, but not limited to, the following link (“Group Companies”).

2.    Service Providers
Service providers, such as internet service providers, web analytics service providers, cloud service providers, software venders, sales statistic analytics service providers, recruitment or employment agencies, professional advisors, or consultants.

3.    Others
Potential partners of Merger and Acquisition, legal or regulatory authorities, or other third party.

7. Cross-Border Transfers

We are engaged in business activities on a global scale, and in some cases we will transfer your personal data to a country or a region that does not have data protection laws, regulations, and the like equivalent to those related to protection of personal data in the country or the region where you reside. Upon transferring your personal data abroad, we will take appropriate measures in accordance with provisions set forth in applicable laws and regulations.

8. Storage Limit for Personal Data

Unless indicated otherwise, we will retain the personal data that we collect about you for the period necessary to process such personal data, except to the extent that we are required by law to retain the data for a longer period of time, in which case we will retain it for the period required by law.

To determine the appropriate retention period for personal data, we consider the amount, nature and sensitivity of the personal data, the potential risk of harm from unauthorized use or disclosure of your personal data, the purposes for which we process your personal data and whether we can achieve these purposes through other means, and the applicable legal requirement.

9. Your Rights

Depending on where you reside, you may have a number of legal rights in relation to the personal data that we hold about you. These rights may vary depending on where you reside and data protection laws which will apply to the relationship between you and us, but would typically include:

1.    the right to obtain information regarding the processing of your personal data and access to the personal data which we hold about you;
2.    the right to request that we rectify your personal data if it is inaccurate or incomplete;
3.    the right to request that we delete your personal data;
4.    the right to request that we restrict our processing of your personal data;
5.    the right to object to us about our processing of your personal data;
6.    the right to withdraw your consent to our processing of your personal data. (This right only exists where we are relying on consent to process your personal data. Withdrawal of consent will not affect the lawfulness of processing based on consent before its withdrawal.)

As long as your request to exercise your rights are within the scope of applicable laws and regulations, you can exercise your rights by contacting us using the information about us in Section 12 below. Please note that we may charge a reasonable fee to you per processing your request when permitted by applicable data protection law.  Also, please note that you may need to submit additional information to us to verify your identity before we process your request.

10. Security

To protect your personal data against accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, use, or alteration and against unauthorized disclosure or access, we use adequate organizational, human, physical, and technical security measures.

11. Changes to this Policy

We may modify this Policy from time to time and will post the updated Policy with a “Last Updated” effective date for the revisions. We recommend that you review this Policy periodically. If we make a material change to this Policy, you will be provided with appropriate notice, such as a notice posted on our website.

12. Information About Us

1.    Name of the Controller: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.
2.    Main Office Address: 4-5-33, Kitahama, Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka, Japan
3.    Name of the Chief Personal Data Manager: Please click here.
4.    Inquiry Form: Please click here

If you have any questions about this Policy, your rights, or any other issues regarding the protection of your personal data, you can reach us using the Inquiry Form above.

Effective date: 14 April 2023
Last Updated: 14 April 2023






欧州経済領域(EEA)/英国EEA & UKプライバシーポリシー


















1.    皆様が当社グループに提供する情報

2.    第三者が当社グループに提供する情報

3.    当社グループが皆様から自動的に収集する情報




1.    顧客・サプライヤー・請負業者・取引先またはウェブサイト利用者(総称して「お取引先」といいます)の個人情報

2.    株主の個人情報

3.    採用応募者の個人情報

4.    すべての個人情報に共通する利用目的





1.    グループ会社

2.    サービスプロバイダー

3.    その他








1.    皆様の個人情報の当社グループにおける取り扱いに関する情報を入手する権利および当社グループの保有する皆様の個人情報にアクセスする権利
2.    皆様の個人情報が不正確または不完全である場合、その修正を要求する権利
3.    皆様の個人情報の削除を要求する権利
4.    皆様の個人情報の取り扱いを制限するよう要求する権利
5.    皆様の個人情報の取り扱いに関して異議を申し立てる権利
6.    皆様の個人情報の当社グループにおける取り扱いに対する皆様の同意を撤回する権利(この権利は、当社グループが皆様の個人情報を取り扱うために、同意に依存している場合にのみ存在します。同意を撤回しても、撤回前の同意に基づく取り扱いの合法性には影響しません。)







1.    管理者:住友電気工業株式会社
2.    当社本店所在地:日本国大阪府大阪市中央区北浜4-5-33
3.    個人情報管理統括責任者の名前:こちらをクリックしてください
4.    お問い合わせフォーム:こちらをクリックしてください



1. 关于本政策







2. 我们获取哪些个人信息


•    个人身份及联系信息

•    产品及服务信息

•    沟通信息

•    技术信息

•    使用信息

•    市场营销信息

•    招聘信息

•    为实现本政策第4条规定的处理个人信息的目的而获取的与个人相关的信息;

•    其他另行告知的信息。



3. 我们如何获取您的个人信息


1.    您提供给我们的信息

2.    第三方提供给我们的信息

3.    我们自动向您收集的信息

4. 处理个人信息的目的


1.    客户、供应商、承包商、商业伙伴或网站用户(统称为“商业伙伴”)的个人信息
•    用于推广住友电工的产品和服务,包括提供相关信息(如递送产品目录)
•    用于销售/供应住友电工的产品和服务,以及客户支持
•    用于开发住友电工的产品和服务
•    用于向潜在和现有商业伙伴提供有关产品、优惠、促销、奖励、活动和服务的直接营销
•    用于在为商业伙伴开展促销活动时,验证获奖资格和交付奖品
•    用于分析商业伙伴在住友电工的网站和社交媒体的浏览历史记录,以及这些商业伙伴的其他信息,从而提供符合他们偏好和品味的产品信息
•    用于分析住友电工广告设置的登陆页面的被访问次数,从而努力改进广告内容和广告投放
•    按照商业伙伴的指示,或在收到其通知和/或征得其同意的情况下,用于履行任何其他业务或商业目的
•    用于履行与商业伙伴的合同
•    用于与商业伙伴进行商务谈判、召开会议或其他形式的沟通(包括对此类会议内容进行录音和录像等)
•    用于回复商业伙伴的意见、问题和请求,提供售后服务,并以其他方式履行商业伙伴要求的服务
•    用于对商业伙伴开展问卷调查,分析调查结果

2.    股东的个人信息
•    用于依据适用的法律法规行使权利和履行义务
•    用于提供服务
•    用于为股东执行各种措施
•    用于依据法律法规管理股东信息,包括创建数据库

3.    求职者的个人信息
•    用于向求职者提供工作信息,并就选拔流程直接或通过其大学或职业介绍所与其进行沟通
•    用于考虑是否雇用求职者
•    用于管理已获得工作机会的求职者,并执行与求职者雇用有关的其他流程

4.    所有个人信息共通的使用目的
•    用于预防和应对欺诈、违反相关政策和规则的行为、威胁和损害
•    用于运营、管理和改进住友电工的网站、社交媒体账户、应用程序、营销活动、产品和服务
•    用于分析访问住友电工网站及其内容的数据以及访问速度,从而努力改进住友电工的网站及其内容,优化住友电工的系统和服务器
•    其他依据适用的法律法规将单独告知或公开宣布的目的

5. 法律依据


6. 向接收方披露个人信息


1.    住友电工集团公司

2.    服务提供商

3.    其他

7. 跨境传输


8. 个人信息的存储限制



9. 您的权利


1.    获取关于如何处理您的个人信息的相关信息和访问我们所持有的您的个人信息的权利;
2.    要求更正不准确或不完整的个人信息的权利;
3.    要求删除您的个人信息的权利;
4.    要求限制处理您的个人信息的权利;
5.    反对处理您的个人信息的权利;
6.    撤回关于处理您的个人信息的同意的权利。(仅在我们依据您的同意处理您的个人信息的情况下,您可以行使该权利。撤回同意不影响在撤回前基于您的同意而进行的处理的合法性。)


10. 安全


11. 本政策的变更


12. 关于住友电工的信息

1.    控制者名称:住友电气工业株式会社
2.    主要办公地址:大阪市中央区北浜4-5-33(住友大厦)
3.    个人信息管理总负责人请点击此处
4.    查询表请点击此处



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