Compliance Hotlines

Sumitomo Electric President Message

Dear Colleagues,

Compliance is a social obligation of Sumitomo Electric Group and an absolute foundation for sustainable development as a company trusted by society. The principles of the Sumitomo Spirit, “Banji-nissei”, “Shinyo-kakujitsu” and “Fusu-furi”(*), also guide us to carry out business with integrity and compliance. Always ask yourself, “Are my business actions for or against the Sumitomo Spirit?”

In addition, in order to promote effective compliance, I ask every employee to “speak up”, particularly with respect to ethics concerns. As a part of our commitment to speaking up, we have in place a rule and system for the external hotline as one of many resources available to you in order to speak up, if you become aware of a suspected or actual violation of the law, our Code of Conduct, our Company’s policies, etc. Do not hesitate to use it by all means.

Thank you for the work you do for Sumitomo Electric Group every day, and for your commitment to doing that work in accordance with the Sumitomo Spirit.

Osamu Inoue
President & COO
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

*Banji-nissei – Do your sincere best in not only business but also every aspect of your life.
*Shinyo-kakujitsu – Place importance on integrity and sound management.
*Fusu-furi – Always act with integrity in pursuit of business.

The internal and external hotlines mentioned below accept inquiries and reports concerning compliance in the Sumitomo Electric Group.

If you happen to know of any non-complying act or any suspected violation in the Sumitomo Electric Group, you must report to or consult your superior, or report to the internal or external compliance hotline of your group company. The inquiry or report accepted by the external hotline will be communicated to the compliance office of the Sumitomo Electric Compliance Committee (including relevant departments), and the office members and the right persons for the specific case will conduct a joint investigation and make a proper response.

  • Any and all information on the person making the inquiry or a report, particulars of the inquiry or report, and results of investigation or responses, will be handled only by the abovementioned parties concerned, and will not be disclosed to persons not involved in the investigation or responses.

  • Any employees, etc., who make an inquiry or report will never be unfavorably treated (for example: through dismissal or adverse influence on a performance review) due to the fact that they have made an inquiry or report.

  • You may make an inquiry or report under anonymity. In such case, however, the scope of investigation or responses by the parties concerned may be limited.

  • Persons not working for the Sumitomo Electric Group may also use the abovementioned compliance hotlines.

Internal Hotline

Each company of the Sumitomo Electric Group

Use the compliance hotline of each group company.

External Group Hotline

common to the worldwide Sumitomo Electric Group

Navex Global (a third-party hotline provider)



Toll free. Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You may find the phone numbers of your region in the above URL by clicking “Make a Report” > “To Make a Report By Phone”.

Available in your local languages

External compliance hotline

common to the Sumitomo Electric Group(Navex is also available)

Jakarta International Law Office (JILO)

Indonesian and English

0800 1 4015 10 (toll free in Indonesia)


For a copy of the Code of Conduct, which builds on the Sumitomo Spirit and sets out standards of high ethical conduct: Code of Conduct