What is it like to work in the Sumitomo Electric Group? To be honest, the scale of our operations – we have more than 400 group companies worldwide – makes it practically impossible to answer this question in just a few short sentences. So instead, we’ve invited a few of our employees, working in different jobs and in different locations, to share their perspectives with you. Please see their stories below. 

Meet Our People

Meet a few of our Sumitomo Electric Group employees.

Yassin Chaimaa1

Employees of Sumitomo Electric Bordnetze in Morocco

Joined the company in 2001 (Mr. Tamsamani) and 2018 (Ms. Jali)


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Tang Tin 2

Hieng Ling Tang and Sie Lock Tin

Joined the company in 1997 (Ms. Tang) and 2004 (Mr. Tin)


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Zhicheng Chen 3

Zhi Cheng Chen

Joined the company in 2009


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Warangkana 5

Warangkana Pinthong

Joined the company in 2014


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Marco 5

Marco Finotto

Joined the company in 2001


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Celia 4

Celia Gonzalez

Joined the company in 2015


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Austin 1

Austin Todd

Joined the company in 2012


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Nick 4

Nick Hillyer

Joined the company in 2004


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Sascha Photo 8

Sascha Simon

Joined the company in 2014


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