Employees of SEWS CABIND Poland

Monika Goliasz-Moskal, Marzena Pasternak, and Marta Aslan

Employees of SEWS CABIND Poland

Joined the company in 2002 (Pasternak), 2003 (Aslan), and 2008 (Goliasz-Moskal)


SEWS CABIND specializes in the design and manufacturing of automotive wiring harnesses. The company is headquartered in Italy and has manufacturing sites in Morocco, Poland, and Albania. Across these locations, the company has a combined workforce of more than 13,000 people as of January 2024. The three long-term employees featured here work at SEWS CABIND Poland (SEWS-CP), a subsidiary located in the southern town of Zywiec. 

Monika Goliasz-Moskal

Monika Goliasz-Moskal: I am the Health & Safety (HS) Coordinator at SEWS-CP. HS professionals are responsible for putting measures in place to protect the safety of employees. In my work, I place great emphasis on preventive actions such as practical training, accident demonstrations, educational campaigns, and posters. I am continually in contact with people, raising their awareness of occupational health and safety.
The fundamental challenge of HS specialists is to prevent workplace accidents and injuries. There are always risks, so these need to be mitigated at every opportunity. This means assessing hazards, implementing measures, and continuously monitoring results. At SEWS-CP, we also have the challenge of communicating with a huge number of workers. You need to find time to ensure that everyone has access to our safety policies and procedures and that they understand their safety obligations.

Occupational safety is one of the paramount values in our organization. Creating a high safety culture requires the involvement of all employees, as together we can do much more. If everyone knows that they are responsible for health and safety, then we won’t leave room for the risk of accidents to increase. One should consider safety from different angles, not only from the perspective of orders and prohibitions, but also how failure to comply can affect the safety of other people.
The key to a strong culture is communication. It is very important for supervisors to talk to employees and help them see opportunities for improvement, as well as involve them in the change process. Employees should feel that they have a real impact on improving working conditions. This way, they will notice irregularities and report them, and they will also react if they notice careless behavior. Our company has a dynamic system for employees to report incidents. Thanks to all of this, we are constantly improving the company’s culture. “Safety first” is definitely not an empty slogan in our organization.

Marzena Pasternak

Marzena Pasternak: My 20 years have passed in the blink of an eye in one place, in one company, with the same people. We often joke that SEWS-CP is our second home, and there is a lot of truth in that because we all stick together despite everything.
In our team, being able to communicate effectively with colleagues helps build trust, strengthens our professional relationships, and encourages a sense of belonging. I always do my best to respect the person I’m speaking with, even if I have different views on a certain matter, as it is so important to show someone that they are important and that you are listening before making your own points.
My position (Assistant Manager and Translator) is suitable for people who know how to build social relationships and are comfortable doing so. In my daily work activities — meetings, reports, organizing guest visits, doing various kinds of translations — I always try to find a common language not only with my colleagues and superiors, but also with guests and other people who come to our office.

I appreciate the opportunity to work in a foreign language and with people from other countries. Recently, I had a great occasion to collaborate with colleagues from all the SEWS CABIND group companies. We are developing our intranet, a project with many possibilities and a bright future.
If I were to give advice to someone starting their career today, I would say “be curious and always learn.” The world is changing at an unprecedented pace, so the moment you stop learning is the moment you make the choice to stall your career. Take every job as an opportunity to learn and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Making mistakes will help you learn better. And, no matter how far you advance in your career, never forget to be sincere, humble, and empathetic.

Marta Aslan

Marta Aslan: In 2023, I celebrated 20 years of working at SEWS-CP. During this time I’ve had opportunities to develop skills in many areas and to participate as a leader in company projects. My current position is Management Systems & Environment Protection Coordinator. In this role, I am responsible for coordination in three areas: management systems, environmental protection, and facilities.
In the first area, I helped implement a comprehensive management system to meet regulatory requirements. This involved working with colleagues to write procedures and ensure compliance with applicable standards such as ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 45001 (safety), ISO 14001 (environment), and IATF 16949. On an ongoing basis, I perform staff training to make sure that rules and methods are properly understood, conduct internal audits, and create corrective action plans when necessary.
In the other parts of my work, I make sure that our operations conform to environmental requirements and that our buildings are maintained in proper condition.

What helps me be successful with so many different activities are two key things. The first is being able to communicate effectively with all levels of personnel, from frontline workers to upper management. I need to clearly articulate expectations, provide feedback, and ensure that everyone understands their role in achieving objectives. The second thing is organizational ability. Because it’s necessary to manage multiple tasks at once and prioritize them appropriately, I must have a good understanding of the overall system and how the various components work together. Being organized helps me stay on top of deadlines and keep track of progress.
To someone starting their career today, like Marzena I would also say never stop learning! Continuous learning will help you in your career and also in life. Try to understand new concepts, grow your knowledge, and improve the way you think. Plus, learn from the experience of others who had the same tasks before you and learn from your own mistakes.

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