Social Activities

Environmental Activities

Quality Control

We attach overriding importance to the pursuit of the highest quality in the belief that it will leed to customer satisfaction and reliability.

Supply Chain

With understanding and support from our suppliers in Japan and overseas,we are promoting compliance-based environmentally conscious procurement activities as per our Basic Procurement Policies.


We intend to promote the utilization of diverse human resources as a means of supporting the vast range of business activities we conduct globally.

Human Rights and Lively Working Environment

We are implementing a form of business management that “ Respects each person” through the creation of a working environment in which each and every employee can work with vigor and enthusiasm.

Work & Life

We are working to create a work environment in which employees can balance work and life and enjoy both to the fullest.

Human Resources Development

SEI University supports the self-realization of all employees and sharing of management strategies and visions.

Safety and Health

Considering safety a priority issue for corporate management, we ask all our employees to cooperate to eliminate occupational accidents and enhance health awareness by implementing health improvement measures.

Social Contributions

While contributing to society through our business,we also work independently to perform activities that contribute to local residents and broader segments of society.