Electrical Components


Various Wire Harnesses

In addition to automotive products, the SWS Group also offers wiring harnesses for two-wheeled vehicles, equipment, agricultural machinery, etc.

High-Voltage Connectors

Products for HVs and EVs

Contributing to Environmental Preservation through Development of Products Supporting Increased Use of Electric Vehicles

Central Gateways

Electronic Products

We have developed a wide variety of electronic parts to control vehicles electronically. We continually strive to create smaller, lighter parts.


Wiring Harnesses for Automobiles

Wiring Harnesses Compatible with Variety of Vehicles Sumitomo Wiring Systems automotive wiring harnesses are used throughout the world.

High-Frequency Connectors

Components for Wiring Harnesses

Harness components used in connecting wires are available in a number of variations to deal with high temperatures, vibration, waterproofing, noise, and other severe conditions.

Grid Blue

EO/OE Converters

Introduces Sumitomo Electric's EO/OE converters.

Sumitomo Electric CHAdeMO EV Chargers

Cable with connector for EV DC charger / discharger

CHAdeMO chargers provides a wide range of charging connectors deployed worldwide. We provide user friendly solution from Vehicle-to-Home or High Power Charging for public Stations.

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