Optical Components


Sintered ZnS lenses

Introduces Sumitomo Electric's sintered Zns lenses.


Optical lenses for infrared devices

Teralink™ is a thermoplastic engineering plastic material that is cross-linked by irradiating electron beams onto molded components.

Advanced Interconnct solutions

NanoPlug™ Series

Optical metallic connector that fits in a previously-unthinkable tiny space


MMC Connector

Innovative Connector that Succeeds MPO and Extremely Reduces Foot Print


Ultra Low Loss MT/MPO solutions

Solution to Challenges of Data Center and Network Operators



Overview Description

 Optical fibers and optical fiber cables

Optical fibers and optical fiber cables

An optical fiber is made from glass that is as thin as a human hair. This high-performance medium can transmit optical signals...

Laser Optics

Laser Optics

Laser processing realizes a non-contact and highly precise processing method to cut materials at high speed using a lens to focus energy millions of times greater than the light fo

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