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Remote monitoring of FTTx distribution line

Proactive maintenance in FTTx service with fiber optic Reflector

Monitoring system with fiber optic Reflector detects the slight fiber defects and tells us its precise place. The proactive monitoring using the monitoring system and Reflector before the network service error makes the following benefits.

  • Reduce the maintenance cost

  • Minimize MTTR and the penalty under SLA

  • Improve the customer experiences of the network

Advantages for passive optical network wholesalers


One time installation

by 24/365 central monitoring

Hassle free

Hassle free maintenance

by 24/365 central monitoring

detect failure

Easy to detect failure

from the remote office

Benefits for internet service providers & subscribers


Instant launch of service

by quick installation


24/365 line assurance

without additional expense


Quick recovery from failure

by quick identification the causes

PON monitoring system_normal

How the system works

  • checkmark   Apply the test access modules, OTDR, and the optical REFLECTORs onto the PON system.
  • checkmark   The OTDR scans the distribution lines to detect reflection at the reflectors with no interference to the service.

PON monitoring system_irreglar

  • checkmark   When the line breaks the reflection at the ONUcan not reach to the OTDR.
  • checkmark   The system operator can identify from the remote office whether the cause of the failure is a line breakage or a device failure.

Reliability of the Reflector



10 million units shipped as of March 2022


Adopted by 10 major FTTx operators in the UK, EU, and Japan

30 years

Long experience with Fiber Bragg Grating technology

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