Glorious Excellent Company

- A solid corporate philosophy and sustainable growth potential -

The Sumitomo Electric Group is working to develop into a corporate group with a solid corporate philosophy and sustainable growth potential, with the aim of becoming a "Glorious Excellent Company."

The word "Glorious" represents the philosophical and qualitative goals of the Sumitomo Electric Group. The Group has inherited a principle that reflects our corporate ethical values to give top priority to social trust, that is “placing prime importance on integrity and sound management,” as well as other traditional principles such as "attaching importance to technology" and "respect for human resources," which have a history of more than 400 years. The ideal state achieved in embodying the Sumitomo Spirit, as well as the Sumitomo Electric Group Corporate Principles, which were established on the basis of the Spirit, is what we mean by the word "Glorious."

"Excellent" symbolizes what the Sumitomo Electric Group should be in a quantitative sense, which is to achieve excellent business performance. The Sumitomo Electric Group's business portfolio comprises various business areas: Environment & Energy; Infocommunications; Automotive etc. As the concrete business plans, we have established five-year mid-term management plans VISION 2007, VISION 2012, VISION 2017 which set targets for 2007, 2012 and 2017, respectively, to realize sustainable expansion of our business fields and increase profitability. And we are working on it to achieve the mid-term managemant plan VISION 2022.

Furthermore,we have prepared "Sumitomo Electric Group 2030 Vision," which is a long-term vision targeting 2030.
The Sumitomo Electric Group will strive to enhance our corporate value with stakeholders’ support to be “Glorious Excellent Company.”

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