Mid-term Management Plan (VISION 2022)

Aiming to become a “Glorious Excellent Company”


The Sumitomo Spirit and the Sumitomo Electric Group Corporate Principles continue to serve as Sumitomo Electric Group’s management foundation as we strive to become a Glorious Excellent Company, our group’s ideal state.

VISION 2022 is our pledge to create value that contributes to social well-being by leveraging the diversity and strength of our products and technologies in the Automotive, Infocommunications, Electronics, Environment & Energy, and Industrial Materials segments. We aim to create a better society by growing three core fields (Mobility, Energy, and Communications) as well as developing new overlapping markets that generate new social needs.

VISION 2022 Concept

Contributing to a better society by leveraging our expertise in connectivity and transmission technologies through concerted efforts of the entire group.

We can continue to make society better by connecting our group’s united efforts and leveraging the connectivity and communications technologies that have been the cornerstone of our business for 120 years since its foundation.

VISION 2022 Growth Strategy

Enhancement and Expansion of Five Business Segments

Sumitomo Electric Group continues to strive for growth in five business segments focusing on Mobility, Energy, and Communications fields as well as materials, products, and solutions supporting these fields. We aim to grow every segment by strengthening revenue bases and improving capital efficiency and to achieve a balanced business portfolio.

Further Growth Through Innovation

In the wake of dramatic changes in the automobile industry together with the renewable energy revolution and exponential growth in data usage worldwide, Sumitomo Electric Group will achieve further growth by enhancing innovation building on the diversity in technologies and business expertise we have cultivated over the years, developing and offering new technologies, products, and services toward a better society.

VISION 2022 Targets

Net sales Operating income ROIC ROE
¥3,600 billion ¥230 billion 9% or more 8% or more

Sumitomo Electric Mid-term Management Plan VISION 2022

VISION 2022 May 25, 2018

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