Frontier Technologies Laboratory

Looking ahead to the impact that the world's technological and social changes will have on our business, the lab conducts research and development on next-generation electric wires and energy technologies with ongoing national projects.

Simulation of CNT deformation
Simulation of CNT deformation
Simulation of CNT deformation

Carbon Nanotube Wire

We have developed highly-oriented and long carbon nanotubes with extremely high tensile strength over 10GPa to be used in future electric wiring.

Our target
Proof of concept system
Proof of concept system (under construction)

Hydrogen Society

We are developing elemental technologies to produce hydrogen, a clean energy source that produces no greenhouse gases, inexpensively and in large quantities.

Hydorogen Society


Responding to digital transformation

The tasks of CORE-DX are to investigate and analyze cutting-edge Digital Transformation related technologies, leading to the creation of new products and business opportunities.

Characterization of cells

Characterization of Cells

We are developing compact stereo cameras and evaluation technologies for cells and spheroids for use in future regenerative medicine.