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Mid-term Management Plan 2025

Mid-term Management Plan 2025

- Creating a Green Society through our Connecting and Supporting Technologies -

Connect with Innovation

Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. has prepared the “Mid-term Management Plan 2025”, a three-year action plan for FY2023-FY2025 in line with our long-term vision “Sumitomo Electric Group 2030 Vision”.
The summary includes the following. For further details, please refer to the PDF above.

Corporate Philosophy

Mid-term Management Plan 2025


Overall Concept

Under the slogan “Creating a Green Society through our Connecting and Supporting Technologies ”, SEG is working on growth strategies and strengthening our foundations with the integrated capabilities of SEG

Growth Strategies:
3 Key Areas & Growth Themes

SEG will contribute to the future of a Green Society by seizing business opportunities across the Group in 3 key areas as part of progress toward a Decarbonized and Information-oriented Society

Building the foundation:

Policy for 2030
Invigorate and accelerate R&D as one of the key driving forces to create an extensive range of technologies
● Backcasting from social issues
● More sophisticated and efficient preocesses
● Open innovation and cooperation with outside entities

Net Sales and
Operating Profit by Segment

Key indicators and targets

Seizing business opportunities from the Advancement of a Decarbonized Society and Evolution of the Information Society,and enhancing our sustainability initiatives to achieve a shared prosperity with our stakeholders

Pursue Top Technology and
create new value through innovations

Genealogy of Technology evolved from foundation of copper wire and cable business

Contributing globally to a green society
with the integrated capabilities of SEG

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