Products for railway and transport machinery

Sumitomo Electric offers electric wires that play important roles in the railway field, and air springs that are used in industrial fields.


Magnet Wires

Magnet wires play important roles in various fields in our daily life as key components including automotive electrical components...


PC steel wires and high-strength shear reinforcement

PC steel, related construction methods, and related products


Plated wires and alloy wires for electronic parts

Used as conductors for automotive and electronic parts, they are manufactured using nickel alloy technologies, metal composite technologies, metal surface treatment technologies.


Steel cords for tire reinforcement

Steel cords and bead wires, etc., meet the needs to ensure the stability, safety, and comfort of tires.


steel wires for springs

Sumitomo Electric’s steel wires for springs, including piano wires, oil-tempered wires, and hard drawn steel wires play important roles as automotive and electronic parts, etc.

Slim Electric Wires

Electric Wires and Cables for Automobiles

The wires used in wiring harnesses have evolved in response to the need for greater compactness, reduced weight, and high-speed, large-volume communications.

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