PC steel wires and high-strength shear reinforcement

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PC steel, related construction methods, and related products

Prestressed concrete involves the technologies of applying high compressive force to concrete using high-tensile steel and creating high-strength concrete components. Sumitomo Electric offers both PC-related materials and engineering services. Sumitomo Electric’s products are used in constructing various structures including large bridges, tanks, buildings, airport pavement, and offshore structures.


Sumi-Hoop™, high-strength shear reinforcement

Sumi-Hoop™, Sumitomo Electric’s high-strength shear reinforcement is an innovative product designed to meet the needs of high-rise, high-strength RC building structures including condominiums and apartment houses. Currently, Sumitomo Electric manufactures raw materials (wire rods) for the products. Sumi-Hoop™ products are processed (e.g. bending, welding) and sold by processing manufacturers certified by Sumitomo Electric.