Human Resources Development

Basic Concept

Human Resource Development Policy

The Sumitomo Electric Group emphasizes respect for human resources in business management in accordance with the Sumitomo Spirit. We instituted the Sumitomo Electric Group Global Human Resource Management Policy (Global HRM Policy) in September 2011. This policy specifies the Group’s commitment to the creation of an environment that helps employees realize growth and self-actualization through work, the provision of various career opportunities regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation or disability, promotion of diversity and the inclusion and development of global leaders, in order to accelerate our global human resource recruitment and promotion. We have declared the policy to inform people in and outside of the Group about such commitment and it serves as our basic policy in human resource development.

Structures and Systems for Human Resources Development

SEI University

The Sumitomo Electric Group defines needed personnel as those who honor the Sumitomo Spirit, understand the Sumitomo Electric Group Corporate Principles, possess high levels of skill and knowledge rooted firmly in the basics and can play active roles in the global community. As an initiative for human resource development, we provide training to develop abilities, skills and knowledge for executing the business strategies of our Group, as well as training to encourage employees to work toward the management vision with a sense of unity and share philosophy, values and culture. The human resource development system composed of those training programs is collectively called SEI University. While “individual employees’ strong motivation for self-development” and “on-the-job coaching and close communication between superiors and subordinates” are foundations for human resource development, SEI University strongly supports them to realize the growth of individual employees and achieve the corporate goals at the same time. Our Group values this as an important approach to human resource development.
Our conventional training and education system was further developed to launch SEI University in 2005. The two pillars of SEI University are divisional training, in which each division individually plans and implements programs tailored to its business, and Group-wide training, in which the Corporate Staff Group plans and implements programs for all divisions. We are gradually expanding the scope to include employees in Group companies in Japan and overseas, in addition to Sumitomo Electric. In 2007, we established the Technical Training Center within SEI University specializing in developing human resources for manufacturing, who are the source of the competitiveness of our Group as a manufacturer. The center plans and implements various training programs ranging from basic training on manufacturing to professional education.

Ikoma Seminar House
Ikoma Seminar House

Principal Training Programs

SEI University provides more than 300 training programs (commonly developed across the Group), including position-based compulsory programs for all group employees ranging from executives to new employees, in the three areas of human skills, problem-solving skills and technical skills. Our Group companies and divisions also organize their original training programs in the field of technical skills to have the trainees acquire the unique knowledge and skills especially required in the respective workplaces.
The following five subjects constitute the compulsory basic training, which is provided for all employees as part of various training programs:

(1)Sumitomo Spirit, Corporate Principles, and CSR

(2)Management policies and visions




In particular, the Sumitomo Spirit is positioned as the basis for employees to perform their duties. We give them opportunities to learn about it in the training programs for new employees and various position-based training programs. In addition, we always explain the relations of the Sumitomo Spirit to compliance and human rights in the relevant training programs. Furthermore, the president asks all employees to perform their duties in accordance with the Sumitomo Spirit via a video once in six months and the video is also translated into multiple languages and distributed to Group companies in Japan and overseas. For the employees to be assigned overseas, a training program to ensure that they can convey the Sumitomo Spirit in their own words in their new workplaces is organized before the transfer. We are also cultivating internal lecturers to enable the Sumitomo Spirit to be learned periodically in Group companies in Japan and abroad.

*SEQCDD stands for safety, environment, quality, cost, delivery and development, which are fundamental components in the business activities of the Sumitomo Electric Group.

Training View
Training View
Training View

Global Common Knowledge (GCK) Project

In the rapidly changing business environment, while it is getting increasingly important to improve the competence of employees, the items to be thoroughly learned by employees for the strengthening of corporate governance have also been diversified. Based on this situation, we have organized and integrated the training programs and know-how that have been cultivated since the establishment of the SEI University to present them in a systematic manner as Global Common Knowledge and skills (GCK). This initiative aims to clarify the content that should be thoroughly learned on a global scale and also provide an indicator for our Group companies in Japan and overseas to further improve their understanding of the training programs to be introduced in response to their respective challenges and set priorities for the programs. While there were times when the spread of COVID-19 infection made it difficult to organize group in-person training sessions, we swiftly promoted the enhancement of our e-learning programs and the organization of online training sessions. Consequently, the training hours at our Group companies are on the rise compared to pre-COVID-19 levels. In the future, we will continue to develop human resources by holding group training sessions that allow for direct communication, developing and providing globally common online teaching materials that can be studied anywhere and utilizing excellent external teaching materials.

Global Common Knowledge (GCK) Project
Global Common Knowledge (GCK) Project

Promotion of Dialogue on Career

In order for each employee to grow, it is necessary for each employee to design their career visions based on their own values and ways of life and strive to realize them. They can improve their abilities by actively engaging in self-development and using the abilities developed through on-the-job training to do more challenging jobs. Sumitomo Electric, which aims to establish a win-win relationship where the improvement of necessary skills by the employees through their jobs also results in the growth and development of the company, supports employees for the purpose.
We have conventionally operated a system that has superiors have dialogue with their subordinates to support their career development when annual business targets are set. To help superiors understand the importance of and how to proceed with specific dialogues, we continue to organize a training session for them.
We also provide newly promoted managers and employees who have reached a milestone in their careers, such as age 45 or 55, with training to consider their future career according to their respective positions and ages. If they wish, they can receive career counseling from in-house career consultants after the training.

Addressing Globalization across the Group

To promote human resources development across the Sumitomo Electric Group, we provide employees of our Group companies in Japan with opportunities to attend training sessions organized by Sumitomo Electric. The number of the participants from our Group companies in Japan in the training for new employees, mid-career employees and newly promoted personnel is increasing year by year.
When it is difficult for a Group company to run training programs, internal lecturers are delegated from Sumitomo Electric to provide necessary training and other services.
Meanwhile, for Group companies overseas, to promote human resource development that meets local demand, we periodically discuss the planning and operation of various training programs (mainly for non-managerial employees) at HR manager meetings held in each country. In addition, we engage in discussions with personnel in charge of human resources and human resource development in Japan and overseas on issues related to the Group’s human resource development and training sessions shared globally.
We also organize the following training programs for management personnel commonly in Japan and overseas.


Overview of Global Common Training Programs


Executive training program
A hands-on program that involves teamwork to tackle actual management issues

In addition to the Action Learning program, this program aims to develop executives by providing opportunities to deepen understanding of the Sumitomo Spirit and acquire management knowledge. Since fiscal 2010, the program has welcomed participants from abroad as well, most of whom are graduates of the Global Leadership Development Program. Useful proposals produced through the Action Learning program have already been realized and applied to actual management.

 Global Leadership Development Program (GLP)

Global Leadership Development Program (GLP)
Target:General Manager

For this program, core general managers from various countries and various Group companies are invited to Japan. The participants listen to lectures delivered by executives, attend leadership workshops, and learn about the Sumitomo Spirit. The goal of the program is to develop human resources who can demonstrate global leadership.

 SEG Management Program based on the Sumitomo Spirit (MPSS)
SEG Management Program based on the Sumitomo Spirit (MPSS)

SEG Management Program based on the Sumitomo Spirit (MPSS)

This training program aims to share and spread the Sumitomo Spirit among core managers from overseas affiliates and to enhance their skills for managing subordinates. It is held every year in six regions: Europe, North America, China (East and South China Districts), Southeast Asia and Mexico.


Please see the CSR Book 2023 for the record of the training sessions.

Cultivation of Manufacturing Personnel

Technical Training Center
Technical Training Center

Basic Concept

Training programs aimed at developing manufacturing personnel are conducted mainly at the Technical Training Center, which was established in October 2008 in the Itami Works.
Guided by the basic concept that “manufacturing is human resources development,” we promote the cultivation of manufacturing personnel through the three main initiatives ① key personnel training; ② technical and skill training; and ③ basic training on manufacturing so that we can inherit the good technologies and skills cultivated by the Sumitomo Electric Group and enhance its manufacturing capabilities.

Key personnel training

We provide training for general managers, in which Sumitomo Electric’s general managers and affiliates’ presidents confirm the concepts essential for reinforcing the manufacturing capabilities from the perspectives of safety, the environment, quality, manufacturing and HR development and show their own commitment to proceeding with necessary activities. A program for developing plant managers is also organized to develop “strong” plant managers (equivalent to the manager of a manufacturing section) who will play a pivotal role in manufacturing. In addition, we provide practical training to develop key personnel for the next generation. In those programs (MONOZUKURI-KAKUSHIN professional training Program (MKP) and GENBA-KAIZEN professional training Program (GKP)), trainees are assigned to the theme divisions, which are selected from among those other than their own divisions, for several months to work on solving important problems and challenges in the theme divisions.  

Technical and skill training

The basic objective of this training is to learn with actual machines and products. The subjects in the curriculum have been diversified, ranging from the acquisition of the Group’s proprietary technologies and techniques, including those related to equipment and maintenance, to advanced technologies such as IoT and AI. The number of articipants is also growing year by year. We also provide training on basic knowledge about improvement activities and equipment maintenance periodically in China, Southeast Asia and other parts of the world.  

Basic training on manufacturing

With an aim to reinforce SEQCDD competitiveness, this program provides training to learn the knowledge necessary at manufacturing sites, such as safety and quality, as well as management techniques and methods related to manufacturing. While this training has a curriculum mainly aimed at young employees, regular training is provided to all employees as repetitive training to encourage them to reconfirm their basic knowledge. The program also aims to disseminate information on any updates in the latest company-wide trends and any revisions of laws and regulations.