Promotion of Health and Productivity Management

Basic Concept

We consider that the Sumitomo Electric Group cannot achieve sustainable development or growth without the health of each employee. Announcing the Sumitomo Electric Group Health and Productivity Management Declaration in 2015, we launched "Kenkatsu!" activities in June 2017 to manage and improve the health of employees in workplaces and have since actively supported the health promotion activities of employees.

Sumitomo Electric Group Health and Productivity Management Declaration

Sumitomo Electric Group takes employee's healthcare seriously and promotes activities to realize”健康経営”("kenkokeiei" or "Health and Productivity Management" ) .

Since its establishment, Sumitomo Electric Industries has inherited the Sumitomo's traditional management that is built on human dignity as described in "people make the enterprise." Furthermore, in our mid-term management plan "human resources base" is regarded as one of the most important management resources for the company's sustainable development and growth.

By providing positive support to employees working on health improvement activities as well as promoting organizational measures that are based on the Health and Productivity Management Declaration, we will raise employee's awareness toward health (health literacy) and aim to become a corporate group well regarded in society winning their trust and where all employees can work healthy and lively.

December 1st, 2015
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

The Three Priority Measures

  • Support employee's and their family members' health-promoting activities

    (Prevention of locomotive syndrome*1, extension of healthy life-span)

  • Measures against lifestyle-related diseases

    (Promotion of no-smoking, cutting down alcoholic drinks, prevention and improvement of metabolic syndrome*2)

  • Measures for mental healthcare

    (The four-cares*3 and building a mental health system)

*1 Locomotive syndrome is a condition of reduced mobility due to impairment of locomotive organs such as muscles, bones, cartilage, intervertebral disks, and such. It is a condition with some kind of deterioration in walking or in daily life.

*2 Metabolic syndrome is a condition of visceral fat obesity (visceral fat or abdomen fat) plus two or more of high blood sugar, high blood pressure, and/or hyperlipidemia.

*3 The four-cares refers to "self-care" conducted by each employee, "line-care" conducted by company managers, "care by industrial health staffs," and "care by professionals" outside the company.

  • ”健康経営”("kenkokeiei", or "Health and Productivity Management" ) is a trademark or registered trademark of Nonprofit Organization Kenkokeiei

Sumitomo Electric Group Health Management Declaration