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Warangkana Pinthong


Warangkana Pinthong

Assistant General Manager at Sumiden Steel Wire (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Joined the company in 2014


Several years ago, I was looking for a new opportunity to grow my career in the field of human resources, and I was given the chance to do this at Sumiden Steel Wire Thailand. My current position is Assistant General Manager, and I also work in the Human Resources & General Administration section as HR Manager. It’s my responsibility to lead and direct the routine functions of the HR section, including hiring and interviewing staff, administering pay and benefits, and enforcing company policies and practices. I also perform other duties assigned to me by the company’s Managing Director. 

Early in my career here, I joined a project called the “white factory project” that addressed the social issue of drug use among factory workers. This project involved coordinating with the local government, attending seminars, and transferring knowledge to the HR team and our employees. This was kind of a risky task, but my team and I went through it together and, in the end, it was a very rewarding experience. 

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One of my unique qualities is that I am not afraid of talking in front of many people. I think this makes me a good communicator when I need to give HR communications to employees. I think I’m a good consultant as well because employees like to talk or consult with me about their problems. I appreciate that Sumitomo Electric has given me opportunities to build on my skills and knowledge through training programs such as the Management Program based on the Sumitomo Spirit and the Global Leadership Development Program. Participating in these programs also helped me broaden my personal connections within the Sumitomo Electric Group. 

As for my workplace, my coworkers and I have many different opportunities to participate here too. We have committees to work on projects and manage funds for special items that are distributed to all employees, such as backpacks and umbrellas. When we had a project to upgrade our work uniforms, everyone got a chance to select the new pattern through a companywide survey. And, in general, if anyone has a good idea, that can become the start of a new project (our trash-to-cash project is a popular example). The company does its best to be very flexible for employees in order to reduce tiring from work. Whenever we have events or projects, the company always gives choices to employees. 

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