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Employees of Sumitomo Electric Bordnetze in Morocco

Yassin Jaber Tamsamani and Chaimaa Jali

Employees of Sumitomo Electric Bordnetze in Morocco

Joined the company in 2001 (Mr. Tamsamani) and 2018 (Ms. Jali)


Sumitomo Electric Bordnetze in Morocco (SEBN-MA) specializes in the production of wire harnesses for conventional vehicles and electric vehicles. It was established in 2001 as a subsidiary of a German car manufacturer and integrated into the Sumitomo Electric Group in 2006. At six sites across Morocco, SEBN-MA employs more than 5,000 people. Approximately 45% are women, reflecting the company’s inclusive culture. 

Chaimaa Jali

Tamsamani: I began my career at SEBN-MA in Logistics, first as a planner and then as the first local department manager. From 2003 to 2021, I occupied various management positions in Logistics, Supply Chain, and Production. In December 2021, I became Plant Manager of SEBN-MA Tangier. My daily tasks involve planning, organizing, directing, and running optimum day-to-day operations to exceed customer expectations. I take responsibility for production output, product quality, and on-time delivery to our customers.

Jali: After graduating from the National School of Applied Sciences in Marrakech with an electrical engineering degree, I joined a non-governmental organization that focused on empowering underprivileged women. Then I joined SEBN-MA as a product engineer, working with a team for two years before moving to Plant Production Engineering as the cutting & crimping process owner. In 2021, I was thrilled to take on the position of project leader at SEBN-MA. In this position I focus on creating a dynamic team environment and ensuring clear communication among project stakeholders. Our aim is to achieve both customer satisfaction and internal SEBN-MA objectives.

Yassin Jaber Tamsamani

Tamsamani: To do well as a plant manager, it is essential to possess a set of professional skills and knowledge. Firstly, having adequate knowledge of the industry standards, business practices, and management principles is crucial for success. Secondly, strong team-building, decision-making, and people management skills are essential to effectively lead a team and make sound decisions. Furthermore, it is important to monitor operations closely and take corrective actions as necessary.
In terms of synergy with other Sumitomo Electric Group companies in Morocco, there are two primary projects that showcase our potential. The first project involves transportation for inbound, outbound, and local operations. This initiative focuses on efficient transportation management to ensure timely delivery and cost savings. The second project centers around the procurement of both direct and indirect materials to optimize procurement and achieve cost savings. These projects demonstrate the commitment of the Sumitomo Electric Group to utilizing our collective strength to drive success in Morocco and beyond.

Jali: Throughout my career, I have been passionate about engineering and expanding my knowledge of project management in an industrial setting. I enjoy the diversity of topics I get to manage with every project I’m responsible for. I get to uncover and learn new technical and operational project aspects, and I consider this as the fuel that nourishes my experience as a project leader. As for challenges, I would say that it is mainly about keeping control of project targets with a cross-functional team that very often has other tasks to accomplish for different projects. Nonetheless, in my view, building trust with the team and understanding everyone’s challenges are the critical steps to overcoming these obstacles.
I believe that building self-confidence is a keystone to growth. Believe in your ideas, work smart, and know your worth. Acknowledge that failures and disappointments may happen occasionally, but make sure you learn from them when they do. Remember that learning is a never-ending process. Accept advice from either your seniors or team members, and don't be afraid to ask for help if needed. Asking for help is the greatest sign of strength.

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