21 April 2022

Ceremony to Welcome New Staff Members

On April 1, we welcomed 365 new employees to the company and held a ceremony for them.
To prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, this year’s ceremony was again held in a decentralized form, and I extended my message online. It's a pity that I could not speak to the new members face-to-face or hear their reactions directly, but I expect that I will have a chance to do so sometime in the near future.

At the ceremony, I asked the new members to implement the following three points: ensure safety and legal compliance; actively take on the challenge of change; and value good communication with others. I ask all new members every year to observe these points because they are the basic requirements for working professionals and the attitudes that we must have in order to continue to grow. I would like them to keep this in mind.

There is no telling when the COVID-19 pandemic will subside, and the international situation is truly unstable. Today, a sense of restriction prevails in society. All the more for this, I feel that the fresh infusion of the new members is more valuable than usual to our company and also society.
I sincerely hope that the new members will lead an energetic, fulfilling career life. Let's work hard together!

Ceremony to Welcome New Staff Members
Ceremony to Welcome New Staff Members

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