09 November 2023

Top Executive Conference in London

I went to London to attend the Sumitomo Electric Group Top Executive Conference for EMEA, held from September 11. We hold Executive Conferences in our various operating areas around the world. To share information on markets and products in each area, ensure direct dialogue between local leaders and Japanese management, and create regional group synergies, we have held these meetings annually.

We have been gradually resuming face-to-face Conferences since we held them in Asia and North America last autumn. In London, we also organized a face-to-face meeting for the first time in the past four years. This enabled me to talk with about 60 group company leaders and Group Global Executives, with whom I had not had sufficient direct dialogue.

Top Executive Conference in London
Top Executive Conference in London

The meeting served as a good opportunity to share information and exchange views on the details of the Sumitomo Electric Group 2030 VISION, the long-term vision announced to the public last year, and the Mid-Term Management Plan 2025, released this May, as well as to hear local suggestions on trends of sustainability, for which legislation is underway throughout Europe, and to exchange views with Group Global Executives regarding our future business operations. We had truly significant discussions on all these topics.

Top Executive Conference in London
Top Executive Conference in London

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