19 February 2021

Integrated Report 2020 Released


I'd like to inform you of our recent publication of the Integrated Report 2020.

Integrated Report 2020 available at:

Designed to encourage a wide variety of stakeholders, such as customers, business partners, employees, local communities and shareholders, to understand us even better, the report is an integrated compilation of our financial information and non-financial information, including our mid- and long-term growth strategies, business results, business strategies, and environment, social and governance (ESG) information, to explain our efforts.

Let me briefly introduce the report to you all.
The report carries top messages consisting of one from Chairman Masayoshi Matsumoto regarding our value axis and strengths and one from me describing my thoughts on our growth strategies, such as what type of corporate group I'd like to develop Sumitomo Electric into in the future.
In addition, the report features Value Creation Stories*1, which present specific visions of how our products and services will be contributing to solving social challenges in around 2030. As indicated by the increasing trend of CASE*2, widespread use of renewable energy, diversification and decentralization of power sources, and widespread use of 5G-and-beyond communications, society today is entering a period of great change. Amidst this situation, we are operating with our focus on "mobility," "energy" and "communications" toward contributing to development of a sustainable society and realizing long-term growth. The expected path toward the goal is described in the report.
Moreover, the report includes a list showing how our main products and services contribute to society in terms of environmental and social challenges*3.

I would be happy if you could take this opportunity to have a look at the Integrated Report 2020. I hope that you will continue to place expectations on the Sumitomo Electric Group.

*1 Value Creation Stories: See pages 24 to 37 of the report.

*2 CASE: Indicating today's trends in the automobile industry, the term is an acronym of "connected," "autonomous," "shared" and "electric."

*3 Our main products' and services' contribution to solving environmental and social challenges: See pages 72 and 73 of the report.


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