23 August 2022

DX Promotion Committee

At the Sumitomo Electric Group, we acknowledge our digital transformation (DX) as our efforts to accelerate and enhance the improvement and reinforcement of the qualities of SEQCDD* throughout the Group by using digital technology.
We have formulated the Companywide DX Plan, consisting of the Sectional DX Plans and the Companywide DX Basis. The former is prepared by each department under the lead of the department’s DX Promotion Representative, who approximates 70 people in total. The latter is intended to establish a companywide and cross-sectional framework to proceed with such plans effectively. As the chair of the DX Promotion Committee, I provide the necessary response and coordination based on the reports on the progress of the Sectional DX Plans and the Companywide DX Basis.

At the meeting of the DX Promotion Committee convened on July 21, I listened to a report from the secretariat saying that many departments were working on their Sectional DX Plans enthusiastically to make improvements. The report made me feel reassured. On the other hand, some departments have not given shape to their plans as expected. An analysis of such cases has revealed that the departments have such problems as difficulty in sparing time to do so and shortage of their production groups’ expertise of proceeding with DX. This has made me realize once again that there are many challenges.

To accelerate the trend of each department’s committing to the Sectional DX Plan under its own initiative, I feel that it is critical to clarify each department’s framework for promoting the plan. Accordingly, I have issued an instruction saying that such a framework needs to be clarified. For the establishment of the Companywide DX Basis, it is essential for each group company and department to make the necessary preparations in advance, such as integration of the relevant codes and establishment of regulations, as planned in order to integrate data throughout the Group toward, for example, reinforcing our supply chain. With this background, I have also ordered each group company and department to clarify what needs to be prepared in advance.

I hope that all the members of the Sumitomo Electric Group will deepen their awareness and understanding of the importance and necessity of the Companywide DX Plan and implementing their departments’ Sectional DX Plans actively, thereby contributing to a steady acceleration and enhancement of the improvement and reinforcement of the SEQCDD qualities.

* SEQCDD: Safety, Environment, Quality, Cost, Delivery, and Development

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