08 May 2024

Inari Festival

Inari Festival

On April 7th, the Inari Festival was held at our manufacturing sites in Osaka, Itami, and Yokohama. We hold this festival on the first Sunday of every April to commemorate the company’s founding on April 1, 1897, the date that Sumitomo Copper Rolling Works (as the company was originally called) was established. The festival includes a prayer ceremony and various other events.

This year I attended the Inari Festival at our Osaka Works and prayed there for the company’s prosperity and for the health and safety of all our employees. It was a beautiful day as the cherry blossoms were in full bloom, creating a vibrant atmosphere around the factory grounds. I heard that our other sites were also blessed with good weather that day.

Overall, this year’s festival was very lively. There were some sporting events, such as volleyball at Osaka Works and a relay race at Yokohama Works. Various booths were set up, which were enjoyed by employees, their families, and local residents. We also hosted factory tours.

At Osaka Works, visitors on the factory tour were greeted by Myaku-Myaku, the official mascot of Expo 2025. The opening day of the expo is now less than a year away. As a company in the Kansai region where the expo will be held, we would like to deepen our interactions with the local community and work together to make Expo 2025 a great success.

Making a ceremonial offering
Making a ceremonial offering
Myaku-Myaku greeting visitors
Myaku-Myaku greeting visitors

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