09 November 2023

Meeting with Mayor Sakurai of Kashiwazaki City

On the other day, I had an opportunity to talk with Mayor Sakurai of Kashiwazaki City. This connection stems from our delivery of redox flow batteries to the municipal power producer and supplier Kashiwazaki IR Energy Co., Ltd., as announced in our press release of August 7.

Kashiwazaki, which originally thrived as the home of the oil industry, long underpinned the Japanese economy by serving as a city essential to the energy industry, as indicated by the operations of seven nuclear power stations in the area around 2000. Currently, Kashiwazaki is striving to become a carbon-free city, and we exchanged views on the use of renewable energy.

Meeting with Mayor Sakurai of Kashiwazaki City
Meeting with Mayor Sakurai of Kashiwazaki City

I was deeply impressed by the passion and commitment of Mayor Sakurai, who is aiming to realize a carbon-free city through municipal reform. The meeting was truly valuable. Sumitomo Electric will continue to work closely with Kashiwazaki City to live up to its expectations.

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