28 November 2023

Top Executive Conferences in the Philippines and Vietnam

Starting from October 7, I participated in Top Executive Conferences in the Philippines and Vietnam. We hold these conferences in our operating areas around the world. The events followed the one in London in September, and were the first time to be held in the Asia-Pacific region in four years after the last conference in Vietnam in 2019.

Intended for Group companies’ top management, Group Global Executives, and national staff in managerial positions, the conference in the Philippines was attended by about 30 participants, while there were about 50 at the one in Vietnam.

Roundtable discussion with national staff
Roundtable discussion with national staff
Roundtable discussion with national staff

Each of the conferences featured not only reporting from Group companies regarding their current situations, but also reporting regarding cooperation between national staff from different Group companies in their region to share, improve, and innovate their manufacturing know-how toward building up employees’ skills. The reporting showed that they were all working as members of the Sumitomo Electric Group while exceeding organizational boundaries. In addition, a free round-table talk session was organized, allowing me to engage in dialogue with leaders who were expected to underpin the next generation. We had a frank conversation in which I was asked about my expectations on the future of the Philippines or Vietnam and about my motto in my work. I was very happy to feel that the workplace was supported by these people.

Plant visit
Plant visit

In both the Philippines and Vietnam, I visited our plants and learned about the company’ situation in an “onsite, in person” style, visiting the manufacturing site and observing the operational situation and examples of improvements on the spot. Moreover, the visit enabled me to directly encourage the on-site staff, making the tour truly meaningful.

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