23 January 2023

New Year Ekiden

On January 1, I went to Gunma to root for our track and field team, which competed in the New Year Ekiden again this year. This was the first time in three years for me to visit the venue together with a group of supporters from Sumitomo Electric. On the sidelines along the course, there were many groups of supporters from other companies and other spectators, and they cheered on the runners despite the severe cold.

New Year Ekiden
New Year Ekiden

Our team finished 24th this year. Even so, the team gathered strength in the second half of the race, and I feel that each member did their best. I hope that they will make a fresh start and build up their strengths to continue to perform well in various competitions this year without injuries. I would like to express my appreciation to all the competing and substitute runners, Coach Yasuyuki Watanabe, those involved with track and field, and everyone who went all the way to Gunma to cheer on the runners on New Year’s Day!

New Year Ekiden
New Year Ekiden

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