15 May 2023

Meeting with Scottish Cabinet Secretary Neil Gray

On Thursday, April 27, we announced a plan to establish a power cable manufacturing and sales company in Scotland, the UK. Before the announcement, Mr. Neil Gray, the Scottish Cabinet Secretary for Wellbeing Economy, Fair Work and Energy visited our company. The members of our company greeted him, wearing tartan check ties of different colors. He immediately noticed this, and the meeting began in a friendly atmosphere. At the meeting, we mainly discussed a plan to construct a power cable factory.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Scottish government officials, UK government officials, and other stakeholders involved for their tremendous cooperation.

Scene of the meeting
Scene of the meeting
Scene of the meeting

The Scottish Government is making nation-wide efforts to address energy security and global climate change. Our company is also continuing product development to contribute to society through decarbonization solutions. Cabinet Secretary Neil Gray commented that in many ways we share the same values and that the Scottish Government would like to build an even better relationship with Sumitomo Electric in the future. We pledged to strengthen our efforts to further expand the use of renewable energy.

Shaking hands with Cabinet Secretary Neil Gray
Shaking hands with Cabinet Secretary Neil Gray
Shaking hands with Cabinet Secretary Neil Gray

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