15 November 2021

FY 2021 First Half Business Results


On November 2, we announced our business results for the first half of this fiscal year. During this period of time, we worked to thoroughly reduce costs and maintain the supply chain in the midst of a business environment characterized by the short supply of semiconductors, the spread of the COVID-19 infections in Southeast Asia, and the soaring raw materials and logistics costs. Though below the forecasted level announced at the outset of the year, such efforts have led to our consolidated business results for the first half of FY2021 marking a remarkable increase in income and profits from the same period of the previous year, which experienced a profound impact from the COVID-19 pandemic.
This has been made possible through your generous support, for which I am sincerely grateful.

In terms of operating income for the current full fiscal year, the Automotive business segment is estimated to post no more than 50 billion yen largely due to a decrease in automotive production. On the other hand, operating income of other four business segments, Infocommunications, Electronics, Environment and Energy, and Industrial Materials, has each remained firm in consequence of our initiatives to date toward expanding sales and improving profitability, thereby growing to be estimated at 95 billion yen in combined total, only one step away from the 100 billion yen mark.

I have once again been calling on employees to fully understand where essential problems lie in every constituting element of our basics as a manufacturer, namely, S (safety), E (environment), Q (quality), C (cost), D (delivery), and D (research and development); share strong ambition to achieve SEQCDD among all members concerned; thoroughly eliminate muri (overburden), mura (unevenness), and muda (wastefulness); and resolutely push forward with reforms to improve earning power.

We are committed to continuing to manage business operations by leveraging our collective strength, thereby striving to further improve the corporate value of the entire Group.

FY 2021 First Half Business Results

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