01 June 2021

SEI Challenge Cup to Raise Health Awareness

On Saturday the 22nd, the SEI Challenge Cup began. As I posted in this blog last December, this is an in-house sports event intended to promote good health and is held as a team match competition consisting of running and walking divisions.

This time, I hear that the event has drawn 1,443 individuals, forming 302 teams. Among them are teams from the secretariat of the World Masters Games 2021 Kansai, with one team competing in each of the running and walking divisions.

I’ve also formed a team with my four secretaries to compete in the walking division. In the walking competition, team averages of the total number of walking steps taken by Sunday the 30th are compared. My team’s targets are 5,000 steps per weekday and 10,000 steps per weekend day. Since the weather was nice this weekend, I walked in a nearby park. I walked three laps around the park, with one lap taking about 1,000 steps. Actually, I did so twice in the morning and evening. With a record of 14,427 steps on Saturday and 13,912 steps on Sunday, I achieved the targets. I hope all participants enjoyed the competition while staying safe and taking it easy.

We will make a donation according to the distance recorded by the event participants. We plan to donate 2 yen per 1 km (1,500 steps) for walking and 5 yen per 1 km for running to the Japan Intellectual Disability Athletics Federations.

Announcing the Sumitomo Electric Group Health Management Declaration, we have been working on the “Kenkatsu!” health maintenance and improvement activities. As part of the activities, we have been continuing various initiatives to achieve health and productivity management from the perspectives of taking measures against lifestyle-related diseases, promoting sports and ensuring mental healthcare. Through these initiatives, we will continue to promote health and productivity management so that employees can work in a healthy and lively manner.

SEI Challenge Cup logo
SEI Challenge Cup logo

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