18 March 2020

Chosen for the 2020 Health and Productivity Stock Selection Program

It is with our great pleasure that Sumitomo Electric has been selected under the 2020 Health and Productivity Stock Selection program as one of the 40 outstanding enterprises engaging in health and productivity management. The program is organized jointly by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

In December 2015, our Group announced the Sumitomo Electric Group Health Management Declaration, embarking on three priority measures: 1. Support employee's and their family members' health-promoting activities; 2. Advance measures against lifestyle-related diseases; and 3. Advance measures for mental healthcare. Since then, we have continually conducted initiatives and events designed to assist our employees in promoting their health. Among them are: organizing in-house walking events, subsidizing fitness gym memberships to encourage exercise, offering support for in-house sports clubs/groups, and providing other types of encouragement/support for engaging in sports; encouraging undergoing thorough medical examinations; and hosting a Sumitomo Electric & RIZAP exercise habit seminar by inviting trainers from the major fitness gym chain. I am glad that our steady efforts and activities to date were recognized with this award.

The latest walking event that took place from last December to this January marked its fifth round. Hoping to help motivate and encourage our employees to walk 8,000 steps every day, thereby establishing a healthy lifestyle, we prepared our novelty items and other kinds of incentives as gifts. The event was actively participated in by approximately 2,400 people.

I myself walk for about an hour on weekends for the sake of my health. There is a park nearby, and circling it twice takes me 45 minutes, thus ideal for my walk. After getting moderate exercise, I go for lunch with my wife, recharging my batteries.

We are committed to sustaining our efforts to ensure that every employee, including myself, is able to continue working while maintaining good health.

I wish I could post here a photo showing us receiving the 2020 Health and Productivity Management Award. Unfortunately, the award ceremony has been cancelled due to the impact of the coronavirus disease...

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