28 November 2023

Japan Mobility Show

The Japan Mobility Show (formerly Tokyo Motor Show) was held for the first time in four years. With the concept scope of the show expanded from “motor” to “mobility,” the event was more than an automotive event; it was a show of future vehicles.
I first headed to our booth, which exhibited an EV bus converted from a gasoline-powered vehicle, based on our theme of “Living in Safety and Comfort on Our Green Planet” and the concept of “a future camp.” Although we are an automobile parts manufacturer, we engage in trial manufacture of EVs in order to identify challenges ourselves, and make proposals to solve these challenges. At our booth, Myaku-Myaku, the mascot character of Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan, helped make the booth even more attractive.

In addition, this year’s show included the Tokyo Future Tour, a special exhibition based on the image of a future society. One of the themes of the exhibition was hydrogen, expected to serve as a future renewable energy. We exhibited the technology of manufacturing hydrogen carriers at room temperature, using our cell stack technology for redox flow batteries, in collaboration with ENEOS.

Afterwards, I made a round of the large venue, where I found various forms of mobility that went beyond traditional cars, such as flying mobility and space travel mobility.
The event made me feel that we need to develop and propose products that will be used for future mobility.

With EV bus and a lot of Myaku-Myakus at our booth
With EV bus and a lot of Myaku-Myakus at our booth
With EV bus and a lot of Myaku-Myakus at our booth

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