10 June 2021

Expectations for New Executive Training

Since 2005, we have held the “Action Learning” training program for executives, where division heads and other managers selected from different departments are divided into teams to consider management issues and make proposals to the Board of Directors. This year, we reviewed the training period, member composition, team formation, the theme setting method and other matters so that members would dig deeper into issues than before and make practical proposals.

The other day, the first debriefing session was held, and five teams, consisting of members carefully selected from division heads and mid-level managers (three teams of 12 division heads and two teams of nine next-generation managers), reported on the themes they would work on to the Board of Directors. Since themes to be addressed in the program have been set up in advance until now, this is the first attempt for us.

What surprised me was that the next-generation teams showed much awareness of management issues without reserve. They had a fresh awareness that I had never seen at the debriefing sessions led by division heads. The issues brought up by both next-generation teams were summarized into two categories: “human resources” and “new businesses.”

The final debriefing session is scheduled to be held in February 2022, and the program extends over a long period. I hope that these selected few members will devote themselves to work on cross-group management issues so that they can make more practical proposals. I am looking forward to what kind of report each of the five teams will make.

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