30 October 2019

50th Anniversary Commemorative Ceremony for the Electronic Wire Division

The other day, I attended a commemorative ceremony to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Electronic Wire Division. The event was held in Kanuma, Tochigi, where one of our group bases is located.

In the ceremony held in the morning, I extended my congratulations for the division's business continuity for 50 years to the employees attending the event. At the same time, I also expressed my expectation for them to respond and adapt promptly to rapid changes in the electronics industry, which is the main market for the division.

At the ceremony
At the ceremony
At the ceremony

After the ceremony, I planted a fragrant olive tree on the premises to commemorate the anniversary. Often used at auspicious events, the tree is called guihua in Chinese. In the language of flowers, the tree's flower means "noble." The tree represents our determination to realize further development of the electronic wire business over the next 50 years without forgetting our appreciation for the efforts of our forerunners.

Commemorative tree planting
Commemorative tree planting
Commemorative tree planting

In the evening, we held a get-together with the attendance of representatives from distributors and subcontracting companies and also retirees, making me keenly realize once again that the division's continuing operations have been underpinned by many people. I would like to take this opportunity to express my deep appreciation once again.

Electronic wire enjoys wide application, ranging from automobiles, including electric vehicles, airplanes, electronic equipment, such as PCs, mobile devices and smartphones, to electrical equipment, including items for which durability is required, such as dryers, rice cookers, air conditioners, lighting fixtures, copy machines, and microwave ovens, LCD backlights, robots, drones, antennas, and game consoles. In the history of 50 years, we have been contributing to society by developing and supplying various types of new electronic wire to adapt to various types of products. We will continue to develop and supply products that will adapt to changes of the times, thereby further growing the electronic wire business.

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