Activities to Prevent Global Warming

Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Prevention of global warming is a crucial issue for the Sumitomo Electric Group because it can also bring business opportunities while contributing to reduction of energy consumption. We will shift our focus to the introduction of initiatives into overseas establishments. As a quantitative target to be achieved in fiscal 2022, we aim to reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions from all of our establishments in Japan and overseas by 5% from the FY2017 level in the Action ECO-22V Campaign.

Initiatives by
Production Units

Reduction of energy consumption per unit of sales through energy savings in plants and elimination of losses arising from quality defects and complaints

Each of the Sumitomo Electric Group's business units and R&D unit is committed to the following activities as the focused areas and has achieved satisfactory results:

  • enhancing energy use efficiency by improving the operation ratio of manufacturing facilities, reducing the percent defective and increasing productivity;

  • reducing fixed energy consumption for lighting, air conditioning and other utility equipment and minimizing energy consumption during non-operating hours; and

  • replacing current air conditioners, compressors and other equipment with higher efficiency units.

We have also enhanced the energy-saving diagnosis program by in-house experts in Japan and begun to apply the program to overseas affiliates.

Latest Data

Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Reduction Ratio in Japan and overseas in Fiscal 2019

Latest Data

Factor Analysis of Changes in Greenhouse Gas Emissions , Greenhouse Gas Emissions from the Global Operations of the Sumitomo Electric Group by Region in Fiscal 2019

Latest Data

Energy Consumption and Energy Consumption per Unit of Sales (in Japan and overseas) in Fiscal 2019

Latest Data

Greenhouse Gas Emissions for CDP in Fiscal 2019


(Fiscal 2015) Researchers in the WinD Lab made concerted efforts to save energy in a cross-departmental way


(Fiscal 2016) Energy saving activities in two plants that consume a large volume of electricity


(Fiscal 2017) We launched energy saving training to encourage the production field to make energy saving efforts voluntarily

Energy Saving Activities in Offices

Energy Saving Activities in Offices

We have reduced GHG emissions per floor area in offices through energy saving activities. Mainly to reduce the use of electricity, we have assigned a member and a vice member of the Workplace ECO Activity Promotion Committee in Osaka and Tokyo head offices, district offices and branch offices, and promoted various efforts as follows:

  • Moderating air conditioning usage by dressing cool in summer and warm in winter.

  • Turning off all office lights during lunch break

  • Turning off lights and air conditioners in meeting rooms and toilets when not in use

  • Turning off PCs when not in use.

Logistics Units

The Sumitomo Electric Group has been making efforts to reduce environmental impact from distribution of products and materials for many years and promoted measures to reduce CO₂ and other greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption during transportation through such efforts as improving loading efficiency, joint cargo transportation, and replacement of truck transportation by other means that have less environmental impacts such as rail and marine transportation (modal shift). Thus, we have taken the initiative in establishing an environmentally friendly logistics system. In response to revision of the Law concerning Rational Use of Energy in April 2006, which now requires all shippers to make efforts to reduce CO₂ emissions from cargo transportation, the Sumitomo Electric Group established the Green Logistics Promotion Task Committee and is working together with all domestic affiliates to promote green logistics.

Reducing Delivery-related Environmental Impacts

In addition to the known shippers with large freight volumes, which are subject to regulations, we strive to realize more environment-friendly logistics in our manufacturing affiliates in Japan by reducing per-unit CO₂ emissions through the promotion of modal shift and improvement in the truck loading efficiency.

Per Unit CO2emissions by Year
Per Unit CO2 emissions by Year
Initiative to Promote Modal Shift

Initiative to Promote Modal Shift

Since fiscal 2002, we have been promoting modal shift mainly in the case of large-volume freight within our group. In addition, we are actively promoting round-trip railway transportation using large containers in partnership with companies outside our group.
Sumitomo Electric is actively using railway container services for the transportation of copper wire rod from Osaka works to Miyagi and Tochigi. In recognition of the fact that 50.8% of our freight land transportation covering 500 km or more in fiscal 2011 was by rail, we acquired certification as a company engaged in the initiatives of Eco Rail Mark from the Railway Freight Association in February 2013.

Changes in Modal Shift Rate on a Cargo Transport (ton-km) Basis
Changes in Modal Shift Rate on a Cargo Transport (ton-km) Basis