Biodiversity Conservation

Biodiversity Conservation Activities (Eco-Activities 2030)

Our operations are supported by the blessings of nature (ecosystem services) in terms of, for example, the procurement of raw materials and manufacturing of products. We believe that in order to continue our operations, we need to contribute to ecosystem conservation and community environmental preservation.
Accordingly, we will launch the Eco-Activities 2030 program, under which we will carry out 300 activities to conserve biodiversity, preserve community environments, and restore nature in at least 20 countries/regions by 2030. Specifically, each of our business facilities will carry out at least one activity for the purposes of, for example, conservation of nature, protection of biological species, reduction of ecosystem impact in the process of manufacturing products, and community clean-up.
We plan to work on Eco-Activities 2030 as part of the Action Eco-Activities program, and start many more activities.