Eco-Activities 2030

At the Sumitomo Electric Group, we will proceed with the Eco-Activities 2030 program, designed to implement 300 or more activities or more to conserve biodiversity, preserve community environments, and restore nature in at least 20 countries and regions by 2030. Specifically, each of our business facilities will carry out at least one activity for the purposes of conservation of nature, protection of biological species, reduction of ecosystem impact in the process of manufacturing products, and community cleanup. We will work on the Eco-Activities 2030 program as part of the Action ECO-22V Campaign for fiscal 2021 to 2022 and of Go for Green for fiscal 2023 onwards and expand the scope of our initiatives for contributing to conserving biodiversity.

Preparation for Information Disclosure

We recognize that few raw materials derived from biological materials with large environmental burdens on value chains are used in our Group’s products. We have started to analyze and investigate environmental burdens in business activities in preparation for possible requests for information disclosure.

Eco Activities 2030
Eco Activities 2030