Sumitomo Electric's Vision for 2030

The society we live in is seeing major changes.



CASE* will allow the mobility field to provide new value to society.



Eco-friendly energy will bring about more sustainable societies.



We will live in a smart society where everything is connected by a network.

With these changes, new social needs will arise and the mobility, energy, and communications fields will interact and create new markets. It is likely that a new style of municipality with advanced designs will appear as a result. And the Sumitomo Electric Group will play a part in the creation of those future societies by drawing on the connectivity and transmission technologies we have developed since our first days in business to create new products, services and solutions.

The world is calling for
A healthier planet for future generations
Communities where everyone is safe
A comfortable, growing society

We will respond to those calls to help make the world a better place.

* Connected, Autonomous, Shared, and Electric, the key trends in the automotive field.