Message from General Manager of R&D Unit

Message from General Manager of R&D Unit

"Committed to the Challenge of Advancing Society Through Our R&D."

Akira Nishimura, General Manager of R&D Unit

Founded as a manufacturer of copper and silicon wire and cable, Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. played a pivotal role in the growth of Japan's electrical industry in the late 19th century. The establishment of Sumitomo Electric Wire and Cable Works signified our dedication to producing domestic power cables during a period of rapid industrial growth. The Company's development in the electric wire sector led to significant material technology advancements, such as in conductors and insulators, forming the foundation of its current achievements. This enduring philosophy of “attaching importance to technology” continues to drive our innovation.

Our experience and expertise accumulated in material development has expanded into five sectors: Environment & Energy, Infocommunications, Automotive, Electronics, and Industrial Materials. We contribute to society and people’s daily lives with essential products such as power cables, optical fibers, and automotive wiring harnesses. The breadth of our research and our ability to apply key technologies across various sectors highlight the strength and uniqueness of Sumitomo Electric Group's R&D.

To Create New Business Areas beyond the Extension of Existing Businesses

Aligned with the Sumitomo Electric Group 2030 VISION for a safe, comfortable, and green society, our R&D focuses on Energy, Infocommunications, and Mobility. In Energy, we are developing next-generation cables and system solutions to support renewable energy usage and achieve a carbon-free society through efficient power transmission systems. In Infocommunications, we develop technologies for optical fibers, devices, and equipment, offering high-speed, high-capacity, compact, and energy-efficient solutions, in anticipation of the transition from 5G to 6G by 2030. In Mobility, with the growing integration of services like electrification, automated driving, and MaaS, we focus on developing electrification, connected products, and services, alongside our core wiring harnesses, to innovate in the mobility sector.

In parallel with these efforts, we envision a society beyond 2030 Vision, aiming for qualitative, sustainable social development. Looking ahead to 2050, we aim to evolve and integrate technologies in the fields of Energy, Infocommunications, and Mobility. With the key words "Earth," "Human," and "Life," we want to shape various initiatives, including the creation of infrastructure for a hydrogen society, the expansion of human potential, and the utilization of CO2.

Akira Nishimura, General Manager of R&D Unit

The Nature of Our R&D: Contributing to Society

The Sumitomo Electric Group's R&D fundamentally aims to contribute to society through business. It is essential to ensure that R&D activities are profitable and integral to corporate strategy. It is also important to cultivate a culture where each researcher or engineer feels fulfilled and accomplished by their work.

For our 2030 Vision and 2050 goals, the commercialization of R&D is as important as the research itself. We are committed to linking R&D insights and technologies to business success. In a future of evolving values and diverse challenges, this approach will become increasingly essential for both individual researchers and organizations. Researchers must be committed to resolving societal issues with their innovations.

Building an Organization That Values Talent, Strategy, and Motivation

Creating an organization that effectively bridges R&D and business operations involves three key elements. First, the ability to see development through to completion, which includes empowering researchers with advanced techniques such as MI and PI, and integrating AI, so that young engineers can excel alongside veterans. Second, a sound strategy based on accurate market and competitor analysis, focusing on our strengths to increase the probability of success. Third, researcher motivation is paramount, driven by a passion and determination that has a significant impact on outcomes. A strong, unwavering commitment to bringing a project from inception to commercialization is essential. Learning from both successes and failures enriches our research journey.

R&D is a collaborative effort. Aligning all members toward a shared vision of their projects boosts motivation. We aim to create an environment where individuals can fully engage in their research areas, utilizing their unique talents.

Sumitomo Electric Group’s R&D spans a broad spectrum, and our strength lies in the diversity of our researchers. I envision an organization where all researchers and engineers are passionate about solving social issues, fearless in facing challenges, and skilled in applying their learnings to future work. We remain committed to developing technologies that meet the needs of the times, support everyday life, and contribute to the future of society.

Akira Nishimura, General Manager of R&D Unit


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