The Key to Achieving a Carbon Neutral Society

The Key to Achieving a Carbon Neutral Society

EVs and wind power generation (rendered image)

Novel power devices that meet the needs of the times

Our daily lives would not be possible without the semiconductors that are contained in all kinds of products, including cars, smartphones, and computers. Meanwhile, with the shift to electric vehicles (EVs), it is certain that the amount of electricity consumed will continue to increase in the future. What is required is efficient use of electricity. The key to this is power devices (power semiconductors). In recent years, silicon carbide (SiC) has been attracting attention as a material for next-generation power devices that will achieve efficient use of electricity.

Nissin Ion Equipment Co., Ltd., a member of the Sumitomo Electric Group, has been promoting the development of ion implantation technology, an essential part of the semiconductor manufacturing process, since the 1970s, and has brought superb equipment to the market. With SiC power devices attracting attention, the company has developed a new ion implanter that meets the needs of society and the market, and has received high praise from many quarters. However, ion implantation technology for SiC power device manufacturing is not yet mature. Product development efforts are under way to enable further evolution. The reduction in greenhouse gas emissions through the widespread use of SiC power devices will greatly help create a carbon neutral society. This issue describes the history and innovativeness of the development of the industry’s first ion implanter specially designed for SiC power devices.


SiC Power Devices Inspire High Expectations for Efficient Electricity
- Ion implantation technology is essential for manufacturing -


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