Essential to the Growth of Renewable Energy, HVDC Cable Is the Key to Long-Distance and High-Capacity Transmission.

Essential to the Growth of Renewable Energy

HVDC Cable Is the Key to Long-Distance and High-Capacity Transmission.

Connecting to the Future of Decarbonized Society At the Forefront of Direct Current Power Transmission Cables In autumn 2021, COP26 was held in Glasgow, Scotland, after a one-year postponement due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many national representatives who took the podium declared their commitment to carbon neutrality by 2050 and announced interim targets to realize their goals. Japan launched the clean energy strategy to attain its goal.

To realize a decarbonized society, it is imperative to expand the use of renewable energy. Wind farms, which are expected to play a key role, must be built offshore or at remote locations by taking into account the weather conditions and environmental impact. Long- distance power transmission is required to connect wind farms with major power consumption areas. Long-distance and large-capacity power transmission is also indispensable for inter-regional connection to ensure a stable supply of electric power to implement measures against power outages, which are caused by recent earthquakes and extreme weather events, and meet the growing demand.

Direct current cross-linked polyethylene (DC XLPE) cables have attracted public attention as cables capable of transmitting a large amount of electricity over a long distance. This issue focuses on the frontline operations of Sumitomo Electric, which directly contributes to a decarbonized society by offering DC XLPE cables, which are essential for the widespread use of renewable energy


DC XLPE Cables Accelerate the Use of Renewable Energy
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