Fiber Optic Interconnect technologies

Sumitomo Electric will introduce dense and precise fiber optic connectivity based on experience of manufacturing both fiber optic cables and connectors. It will solve challenges requiring more efficiency and convenience that data center operators have.

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Ultra-low-loss Multi-fiber Connectors

Achieves high quality insertion loss with little variation and suppresses loss increase not only in single connection, but also in multi-stacked connections.

Advance Multi-fiber Connectors

Advanced Multi-fiber Connectors

Dust tolerant, easy cleaning, and low mating force multi-fiber interconnect technologies that contribute to cost reduction for massive fiber optic network operators.


Scalable Coupler in between Fiber and Chip

Seamless and high-performance interconnections between fibers and chips, optimizing the overall system design.

Advanced Interconnct solutions

Ultra-compact Coupling Solutions

Small foot print, low profile, and high density coupling solutions solve challenges of manufacturer of fiber optic devices and instruments

Multi-core Fiber

Multi-core Fiber

Ultimate solution of high density data transmission by space division multiplexing for on-board and board-to-board interconnect


Polymer Waveguide

Thin, Flexible and High-density Multimode Waveguide

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