Manufacturing Base

In the Sumitomo Electric Group, we believe that strengthening SEQCDD*1 is at the core of our manufacturing activities, and thus our business itself. Behind the ongoing growth of our company are initiatives to make each and every employee thoroughly aware of this and measures specific to each area of our work, including safety, the environment, quality and R&D. Initiatives are underway to take our SEQCDD to the next level to further enhance our manufacturing base.

Cultivation of Manufacturing Personnel

One of the initiatives in VISION 2022 is to further strengthen our manufacturing capabilities. This means strengthening SEQCDD* 1, which is at the core of what we do as a manufacturer. Our Manufacturing Management & Engineering Unit is carrying out company-wide activities so that we can achieve some of the top manufacturing capabilities in the world, including no worker casualties, property damage or facility damage. We are also continually improving on our operations to make our factories the best they can be and sharing our core technology and best practices globally to build a framework that makes the most of our collective strengths. We strive every day to maintain a high level of safety, cleanliness and efficiency, improve on all of these metrics and invest in the personnel who will help us to do this.
A foundational principle of our training is that manufacturing depends on good training. We have a wide-ranging curriculum including basic training that teaches the fundamental elements of SEQCDD along with training on the latest skills and technology, such as management skills, our technology and our facilities and maintenance technology. In addition to strengthening our manufacturing performance, this plays a big role in the R&D work that drives the evolution of our company. We are also constantly enhancing the training we provide to new employees to include information on our latest technology. This increases employees' awareness of safety (S), the environment (E), quality (Q) and R&D (D) pertaining to our products.

*1 Safety, Environment, Quality, Cost, Delivery, and Research & Development. The Sumitomo Electric Group's policy is to place these at the forefront in everything we do.