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Applications and Characteristics

Function Applications Material
Catalyst carrier
  • Photocatalyst carrier
  • Oxidation catalyst carrier
Ni, Ni-Cr,
  • Various filters
Ni, Ni-Cr,
High conductivity
  • Current collector for battery
  • Ni-MH battery (Ni)
  • Fuel cell (Ni, Ni-Cr, Ni-Sn)
  • Next generation battery (Al*, Cu*)
Ni, Ni-Cr,
Electromagnetic shielding
  • Electromagnetic wave shielding materials



1」Catalyst Carrier

Celmet™ has been adopted as industrial deodorizing catalyst.

Advantages of applying Celmet™
  • Improve performance

    Compared to ceramics, the amount of catalyst carrier is increased due to its large surface area.

  • Low pressure loss

    Compared to porous alumina, Celmet™ demonstrates a better balance between low pressure loss and high catalyst carrier.

  • Durability and strength

    Compared to ceramic filter, Celmet™ is durable and can be used repeatedly.

Photocatalyst Carrier
Measured under collaborative research with Kanagawa Institute of industrial Science and Technology (JIS R 1701-2:2016 Fine Ceramics - evaluation for air purification performance of photocatalytic materials, Part 2: photocatalytic performance evaluation based on removal performance of acetaldehyde)

2」Photocatalyst Carrier

Celmet™ can work as air cleaner filter.

Advantages of applying Celmet™
Performance improvement
  • Removal rate of toxic substance is improved due to its large surface area of Celmet™

  • Quickly respond to light irradiation

Durability and strength
  • Celmet™ as a metal has impact resistance and durability

Photocatalyst Carrier
Photocatalyst Carrier
Heat Applications

3」Heat Applications

Celmet™ has been considered as naturally air-cooled heat sink for automotive.

Advantages of applying Celmet™
  • High performance

    Miniaturization by improved cooling performance

  • Materials


  • Naturally air-cooled heat sink

  • Heat storage sheet (filling the heat-storage material)

  • ebullient cooling (the starting point of boiling)

  • electrical heating (Ni-Cr)

Grease Filter

4」Grease Filter

Celmet™ has been adopted in restaurants and commercial facilities.

Advantages of applying Celmet™
Collection performance
  • Compared to baffle filter, Celmet™ has higher collection performance due to its large surface area.

  • The material (nickel) can be repeatedly used by alkaline washing.

Strength and safety
  • Compared to metal fiber or ceramic, Celmet™ has less chipping and mechanical degradation, improving safety.

  • Compared to stainless steel baffle filter, Celmet™ has better fireproof performance due to lower thermal conductivity.

Weight saving
  • The weight is one-third of baffle filter.

Electrodes of Alkali Water Electrolysis

5」Electrodes of Alkali Water Electrolysis

Celmet™ has been considered as industrial hydrogen generator.

  • Advantages of applying Celmet™
  • Voltage reduction of alkaline water electrode cell

    Celmet™ is metal foam so that a zero-gap structure is possible and can reduce resistance of solution.

  • Improvement of hydrogen generation efficiency

    Compared to lath or mesh, applying Celmet™ to hydrogen electrode can increase the amount of hydrogen without increasing the cell voltage due to its large surface area.


6」Fuel Cells (SOFC)

Celmet™ has been adopted as current collector and gas flow path of industrial and institutional fuel cells.

Advantages of applying Celmet™
Low cost stack
  • No need for complex gas flow.

Compact stack
  • Celmet™ can make interconnector thinner so that Celmet™ functions as gas flow path and gas diffusion.

Reduction of pressure loss
  • High porosity can reduce pressure loss.

Improvement of the fuel availability
  • Celmet™ can improve the fuel availability because fuel gas flows uniformly.

Improvement of current collection performance of air electrode
  • Ni alloy Celmet™ can be applied as air electrode, because it has good oxidation resistance.

Fuel Cells (PEFC)

7」Fuel Cells (PEFC)

Celmet™ has been adopted as current collector and gas flow path of fuel cells for lift trucks

Advantages of applying Celmet™
Low cost
  • No need for GDL and separators with complex gas flow path, and lower pressure loss.

  • Celmet™ functions as gas flow path, gas diffusion and current collector.

Performance improvement
  • Lower resistance and high-strength compared to carbon paper.

Higher energy output
  • Higher current collection performance and improved flooding resistance – drainage is improved by capillary of Celmet™.

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