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What is Celmet™?

Celmet™ consists of a porous metal body whose frame has three-dimensional network structure like sponge. Materials available include not only Ni (nickel) but also alloy-types of Ni-Cr, Ni-Sn, produced in the largest scale production plant in the world. Compared to sintered metal and metal fiber, Celmet™ has much higher porosity of maximum 98% and flexibility (elasticity).

The cell size ranges in 8 levels from 0.45 to 3.2 mm, and excellent workability enables easy processing such as cutting and pressing. Utilizing these unique features, Celmet™ has been mainly adopted as electrodes of Ni-MH batteries for hybrid vehicles.

In the emerging “hydrogen society”, Celmet™ is expected to be widely applied to new fields, such as structural parts of fuel cell for stationary and automotive uses as well as electrodes of hydrogen generators etc. Sumitomo are proud to contribute to the global environment and energy infrastructure.