Metal Foam "Celmet™"

Metal Foam "Celmet™"

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Metal Foam Description of Celmet™

Metal Foam Celmet™ is a type of porous metal body that has a sponge-like three-dimensional network structure. It is made using nickel (Ni) and Ni-based alloys such as Ni-Cr and Ni-Sn in the world's largest production plant. With a maximum porosity of 98% and excellent elasticity, Metal Foam Celmet™ is a highly flexible material.

The Metal Foam Celmet™ has eight different cell sizes ranging from 0.45 to 3.2 mm, and its outstanding workability enables easy processing through cutting and pressing. Due to its unique features, Metal Foam Celmet™ is primarily used as electrodes for Ni-MH batteries in hybrid vehicles.

In the emerging "hydrogen society," Metal Foam Celmet™ is expected to have a wide range of applications as structural parts for fuel cells in stationary and automotive uses, as well as electrodes for hydrogen generators. Sumitomo is proud to contribute to the global environment and energy infrastructure through Metal Foam Celmet™, the innovative metal foam.