20 September 2023

Sumitomo Electric Renews Sintered Components Website

We are pleased to announce the renewal of the Sintered Components website on the Sumitomo Electric website.

Sintered components are widely used as parts for automobiles, office equipment, and home appliances as they can be mass-produced at low cost using powder metallurgy technology with iron powder as the main raw material.

We have completely redesigned the website to facilitate the understanding of our customers and the general public. In addition to our conventional products, the website presents intuitive information (with a wealth of photos and diagrams) on new products such as E-Axle* and thermal management system components used in electric vehicles, magnetic materials used in motors, and non-ferrous materials such as titanium.

We will continue to enhance our website so that our customers can deepen their understanding of the Sumitomo Electric Group.

* E-Axle
A unit that integrates a motor, inverter, and reduction gear for electric vehicles.




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