16 May 2023

Sumitomo Electric Exhibits at Automotive Engineering Exposition 2023

Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. will exhibit at the Automotive Engineering Exposition 2023, which will be held at Pacifico Yokohama from May 24 to May 26, 2023 and at the Aichi Sky Expo from July 5 to July 7.

Booth design sample
Booth design sample
Booth design sample

The Automotive Engineering Exposition is Japan's largest automotive technology exhibition, where professionals, technologies, and products related to automobiles gather from Japan and abroad to look ahead to the future of the automotive society. We will jointly exhibit with Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Ltd. and Sumitomo Riko Company Limited.

This exhibition will introduce a wide range of initiatives to "connect" vehicles, including the vehicle itself and its infrastructure, such as electric power and information network technologies, component units, and materials to respond to the rapidly changing mobility society.  Our automotive optical harness, which we aim to commercialize in 2026, will also be on display. Through the development of these technologies and products, we aim to provide new value by integrating safety, comfort, and green.

We are looking forward to your visit at our booth.

Booth design sample

・Automotive Engineering Exposition 2023 Yokohama

Date May 24 to 26, 2023
Venue PACIFICO Yokohama
Booth No. 163

・Automotive Engineering Exposition 2023 Nagoya
Date July 5 to 7, 2023
Venue Aichi Sky Expo
Booth No. 120

・Automotive Engineering Exposition 2023 Online
Date May 17 to June 7, 2023 (STAGE 1)
June 28 to July 19, 2023 (STAGE 2)

Official Site: https://aee.expo-info.jsae.or.jp/en/

・Press release(April 20, 2023)
Sumitomo Electric Accelerates the Development of Automotive Optical Harnesses for Practical Use in 2026


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