13 December 2021

Sumitomo Electric Releases Fusion Splicer Video

Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. is pleased to announce the release of the fusion splicer video ”FUSION CONNECTION UNDER THE SEA” on its website today.

The fusion splicer is a device used to melt the end surface of an optical fiber to splice the glass fibers together. Sumitomo Electric has been developing industry-first products, such as fusion splicers that never fail to splice using its proprietary AI technology “NanoTune” and fusion splicers that realize IoT integration by incorporating “SumiCloud,” which improves operational efficiency by centrally managing various fusion slicing data on the cloud. Through the development of these products that meet market needs, Sumitomo Electric is supporting the building of fast, highly reliable optical communication networks.

The theme of this video is “achieving highest quality connections that endure extreme environments over decades”. The video introduces the story behind the development for undersea fiber optic cables. In addition, Sumitomo Electric, working in conjunction with customers, has been honing technologies over the past 20 years, when fusion splicers did not exist, for underwater fiber optic cables. Multiple narratives introduces how the world’s first fusion splicer for underwater fiber optic cables was developed.

This video conveys an example of our commitment to continuous technological development. This includes achievements for use even in harsh environments, not just in the deep seas but also in high altitudes such as Mt. Everest. This video has been produced in English, Chinese, and Japanese.


THE STORY~Connecting Optical Cables in the middle of the sea~

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Fusion Connection under the sea


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