22 November 2021

Sumitomo Electric Opens a Special Web Page for ITU-T G.654.E Terrestrial Ultra-low Loss Optical Fibers and Cables, “PureAdvance™” Series

Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. has established and opened a special web page for ITU-T G.654.E terrestrial ultra-low loss optical fibers and cables, PureAdvance™ series, on its website that introduces broadband solutions. https://global-sei.com/fttx/

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PureAdvance™, compliant with the international standard ITU-T G.654.E, is an optical fiber that realizes low transmission loss by using pure silica for the core part, through which optical signals propagate in the optical fiber. Sumitomo Electric has been developing and mass-producing pure silica core low loss optical fibers for more than 30 years and has achieved a world record for low transmission loss of 0.1419 dB/km in its development, followed by success in mass production of ultra-low loss optical fibers of 0.144 dB/km.

Introduction of the new special web page

  • The solution of PureAdvance™ is presented using visually easy-to-understand icons.

  • It introduces many examples of its utilization for applications taking advantage of high transmission performance, such as long-distance data transmission, large-capacity data transmission between datacenters, and submarine cable landing.

  • PureAdvance™ is also expected to be used in other applications that require low transmission loss, such as quantum cryptographic communication systems and sensor networks.

  • It offers a lineup of optical cables using PureAdvance™, ranging from those with a small number of fibers to those with a large number of fibers. Data sheets are also available for download.

With the introduction of 5G services, the increasing use of various internet contents, and the spread of working remotely, the demand for info-communication traffic continues to increase around the world. For this reason, the needs for high-performance optical fibers capable of transmitting large-capacity optical signals over a long distance efficiently has been increasing. Sumitomo Electric will continue to develop high-performance optical fibers and cables, and provide products that meet the demands of society.

PureAdvance™ Series Special Web Page

* For inquiries regarding PureAdvance™ products, please use the dedicated inquiry form.

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Sumitomo Electric Opens a Special Web Page for ITU-T G.654.E Terrestrial Ultra-low Loss Optical Fibers and Cables, “PureAdvance™” Series

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