08 June 2021

Sumitomo Electric Participates in Mobile Optical Pluggables for 5G

San Jose, CA – June 8, 2021 - Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd., a leading global provider of advanced optical communications and radiofrequency (RF) solutions, has joined forces with key wireless vendors and suppliers to provide a blueprint for optical pluggables and passive optical components for 5G buildouts. 

Five market leading companies, Ericsson, Nokia, II-VI, Lumentum and Sumitomo Electric, have jointly produced a technical paper on Mobile Optical Pluggables, abbreviated MOPA, made publicly available on June 8, 2021.

Driven by the large global 5G buildouts, MOPA aims to achieve a common view and understanding in the industry regarding which optical solutions are needed for 5G transport, such as fronthaul and backhaul. This aims to improve the current situation where it is challenging for operators, system vendors and optical pluggable suppliers to make the right technology choices and focus on the most relevant needs. MOPA benefits the eco-system to ensure timely, cost-efficient and optimized architectures.

For the first time as a joint industry initiative, the MOPA paper describes common optical requirements for mobile transport networks. It includes Mobile Optical Blueprints, which are network solution descriptions documenting use cases with the optical pluggables and passive optical components (WDM mux, splitter etc.) implementing these use cases, with high level optical requirements.

Sumitomo Electric has a very long history with optical technologies and products that realize low power consumption, high output power, high responsivity and high bandwidth, all features necessary for 5G traffic.

We offer a range of WDM devices that include SFP+/SFP28 DWDM and DWDM TOSAs. The technical paper will be released at OFC 2021.


Technical Paper

Mobile Optical Pluggables (MOPA)



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