03 July 2024

Sumitomo Electric Releases “NEXUSEYE™” Millimeter-wave Sensors for Pedestrian Detection with High Accuracy Even at Night and in Adverse Weather

Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. will launch “NEXUSEYE™” millimeter-wave sensors for pedestrian detection, which provides highly accurate detection even at night and in adverse weather conditions in October 2024.

The global demand for pedestrian detection sensors is growing due to the increasing number of accidents involving vulnerable road users (such as pedestrians and motorcyclists) and to assist people with disabilities crossing roads. Traffic accidents involving pedestrians often occur at night with poor visibility or in bad weather conditions. However, conventional sensors (image sensors *2 and LiDAR *3, etc.) have a problem of deteriorating detection accuracy under such conditions.

To address this issue, the Company developed “NEXUSEYE” millimeter-wave sensors using millimeter-wave radio-based radar sensors to reliably detect slightly reflected signals from pedestrians with our proprietary technology of antennas and detection algorithms.

"NEXUSEYE” is a high-performing sensor with excellent features such as wide sensing area, high detection accuracy, and easy installation and maintenance. For example, even on a rainy night, the sensor can detect pedestrians at a distance of 60 m with almost 100% accuracy. It also eliminates the need for cleaning the lens surface required by conventional sensors.

Sumitomo Electric will first provide “NEXUSEYE” in October 2024 through our exclusive partner for the North American market, Iteris, Inc. *4 (Head Office: Austin, Texas, USA, CEO: Joe Bergera), where increasing number of fatal traffic accidents involving pedestrians is becoming a recent social issue.

The Company will continue to provide various sensors globally to reduce traffic accidents and realize smooth traffic being committed to contributing to the realization of a safe, comfortable, and environmentally friendly transportation society.

*1 NEXUSEYE, NEXUSEYE logo is a trademark of Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

*2 Image sensor: A sensor that uses an image captured by a digital camera to detect the presence of an object and determine the type of the object.

*3 LiDAR: Light Detection And Ranging. A sensor that irradiates light to the object, measures the distance to the object, and determines its shape based on the data obtained from the reflected light.

*4 Iteris: A leading U.S.-based smart mobility infrastructure management company that provides end-to-end, innovative solutions to monitor, visualize, and optimize transportation infrastructure around the world.



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